Dental Treatment Abroad versus in Ireland

Anything you do in dentistry, whether in Ireland or getting a dental treatment abroad, does need maintenance.

You can’t just walk away from it. The downsides of travelling abroad for dental treatment is there is very little follow up involved in your care.

So whenever we complete a very large dental treatment for someone, we would like them to come back to us on a regular basis.

Also, what we find is that people who have dental implants done in Eastern Europe often have very obscure brands of dental implants placed.

It’s therefore very hard for us to find the components that are required for those implants and in most cases we can’t.

Treatment AbroadTreatment at Our State of the Art Clinics
Clinics in eastern Europe are not regulated by any bodiesTravel costs are minimal
If you have a dispute with a clinic, it’s up to you to resolve itYou don’t have to take days out of your schedule
Flight, hotel, food and transportation costsBetter quality and a better service at 3Dental
Our follow-up care is amazing

Our reception staff and our treatment co-ordinators will ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

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