Dental Treatment Abroad Versus Treatment at 3Dental (At Our Dublin, Limerick or Galway Clinics)

Dental Treatment Abroad Versus Ireland - 3Dental
The Reality Of Dental Treatment Abroad v 3Dental

Any dental treatment you receive, whether in Ireland or abroad, does need maintenance.

You can’t just walk away from it (treatment abroad). The downsides of travelling abroad for dental treatment is there is very little follow up involved in your care. Dr. Peter Doherty

So whenever we complete a very large dental treatment for someone, we would like them to come back to our Dublin, Limerick or Galway clinic on a regular basis.

Also, what we find is that people who have dental implants done in eastern Europe often have very obscure brands of dental implants placed.

It’s therefore very hard for us to find the components that are required for those implants, and in most cases we can’t.

Dental Treatment AbroadDental Treatment At Our State of the Art Clinics
Clinics in eastern Europe (and particularly Turkey) are not regulated by any bodiesTravel costs are minimal
If you have a dispute with a clinic, it’s up to you to resolve itYou don’t have to take days out of your schedule
Flight, hotel, food and transportation costsBetter quality and a better service at 3Dental
Our follow-up care is amazing

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All On 4 Treatment Abroad Versus Ireland

In recent times, there has been a growing trend in patients going abroad for the all-on-4 treatment (also known as smile in a day).

To get our view on this, check out our post on 'All On 4 Abroad - Is It Worth It?' Also, watch the video on the right / below this panel to hear what our very own Dr. Peter Doherty has to say on this topic.

We have a clinic in Dublin, Limerick and Galway - so before you book any flights - get a free consultation, and make an informed decision!

Getting Veneers Done Abroad Versus Ireland

dental veneers abroad - 3dental

We also often speak with patients who have received veneer treatments abroad - particularly Turkey

Experience has taught us that a cosmetic dentistry holiday abroad can very quickly add up to something that you never wanted. 

Here is a short list of just of the issues that we see:

  • Not getting a consult before treatment from the treating dentist
  • A lack of aftercare
  • Potential language barriers
  • Rushed treatments in some cases (Veneer treatments typically take place over several appointments over several weeks)

We therefore strongly advise against going abroad for veneers.

We've written about this topic further in our post: Veneers In Turkey – What To Expect Before You Go!

We would suggest that you book a time to come and see us to take advantage of a free consultation.

This allows you to get your questions answered and make an educated decision on what might be best for you!

Implant Treatment Abroad Versus Ireland

We have much the same commentry for those patients who are enquiring about dental implant treatment abroad.

A lack of aftercare, having obscure dental implants brands used, a lack of an in-person consultation are all red flags for us.

We're seeing more and more Turkish clinics advertising in Ireland, so we wrote the following post to let people know about some of the realities of dental implant treatment in Turkey: 'Dental Implants In Turkey - Read Before Booking!'

We aim to make high quality, affordable dental implant treatment available to as many people as possible to prevent them from travelling abroad for the dental treatment that they need. Dr. Peter Doherty

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Some Patients Who Considered Getting Dental Work Abroad

I was looking at abroad, and then I considered the aftercare. And then I thought, I'd have to travel abroad (again) if I have any problems! Everything is my doorstep here (at 3Dental). I wouldn't look back. George Holden
I was going to go to Turkey, but then I'd thought I'd find out prices in Limerick instead. I came in to meet Fearghal and he was lovely! Everyone says they (my teeth) look so natural! Margaret Kett
I knew it was going to be a long process. If I had to jump on a plane and go to Poland every time I had an issue - it wouldn't have been practical. I'm glad I did what I did. Patrick Naughton
Loads of people told me to go abroad - but I wanted to get it here in Ireland so that I'd have the aftercare. I'm much happier! The comfort of having the guys here is just brilliant! Trisha Lawton

We have many, many testimonials from people just like this. Also check out smile gallery to see our before and afters for yourself.

Our reception staff, treatment co-ordinators and dentists will ensure that you get the best treatment and aftercare possible.

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Before Booking Your Flights, Make An Educated Decision About Your Treatment

We look forward to welcoming you to our Dublin, Limerick or Galway clinic.

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