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Braces and Sports Guards

24 October 2016

Can you wear a gum shield for braces to play sports?

Braces, whether fitted for adults or children, can represent a sizeable investment. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure to take effective measures to protect them.

With sports, especially contact sports such as rugby, hurling, boxing or mixed martial arts, mouth injuries are a commonplace risk – chipped or broken teeth, root fractures and displaced teeth are all a possibility.

The risk of tooth damage is increased in fast, physical sports or where moving objects (bats, rackets, hurls and balls) are involved. 

If a player happens to be wearing braces, such an incident can cause serious damage, prompting expensive treatment to repair the braces as well as fix any damage to the affected teeth underneath. 

That said; wearing braces doesn’t mean you have to refrain from playing sports.

There are sports guards available to help you protect your braces as you enjoy playing your favourite sport(s).

Do you need a special gum shield for braces?

Yes. It’s important that you don’t pick up a regular mouth guard if you wear braces. You should consult with your dentist who will advise you on the correct sports guard for your needs.

Your dentist can create a custom mouth guard that shapes itself to your gum line, thus ensuring a comfortable fit and maximum protection. These mouth guards are usually durable enough to last a whole season of sports competition and training.

How do sports gum shield protect braces?

Sports gum shields work by effectively absorbing the damage of any potential impact and keeping the teeth secure, minimising the potential need for dental treatment in the event of an incident. 

They are typically made from silicone, cushioning your lips from hitting off your teeth, which helps to avoid damage to the braces and cuts to your mouth from the brace in the event of impact.

How do braces gum shields differ from regular gum shields?

Mouth guards for braces usually provide more room than regular mouth guards while ensuring the same effective level of protection. They offer extra width to cover your braces as well as your teeth and gums, but it’s not bulky and won’t impede your breathing.

As regular gum shields are not designed to provide cover and protection for braces as well as teeth, they do not provide adequate protection. In fact, as typical mouth guards are made of hard plastic, they can actually cause damage to your braces should your mouth get hit hard during sport.

Play sports & protect your braces by wearing a mouth guard

Popping an orthodontic gum shield in your mouth before you head out to engage in sports can prove the most effective means of protecting your braces. In some sports like boxing, if the participant wears braces, wearing an orthodontic gum shield may be an enforced requirement and it’s for good reason.

No matter what your age, don’t let your efforts to get a perfect smile hold you back from playing and enjoying the sports you love. The solution is simple – wear an orthodontic gum shield.

They’re affordable, easy to source from your dentist and if you want to protect the investment you’ve made in your teeth, making the decision to get one should be an easy one.

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