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Complete Transformation of 3 Dental Patient

19 January 2017

Making a dental transformation is never easy but, as with so many things in life, the risk is worth the reward – something that 3Dental client Patrick Naughton knows all too well.

Patrick Naughton Case study - 3dental

Mayo man Patrick had been too afraid to visit the dentist after he had all of his baby teeth removed at a very young age but he decided to take the plunge last year and has not looked back since.Dr.

Dr. Paul O’Connell, Dr. Niall Vallely and Dr. Peter Doherty all carried out extensive treatments to ensure that Patrick, who was the very first patient through the doors at 3Dental, could achieve the smile that he has dreamed of for over 40 years.

A Complex Dental Procedure

Patrick Naughton 3Dental - implant, orthodontics and cosmetic

This was a complex dental procedures which involved orthodontics (teeth straightening), dental implants and crowns and bridges.

He now feels like a “new man” and has already started a new journey, booking tickets to fly to America for the very first time to see his son who lives in the States.

Despite his fear of the dentist the Mayo man travelled to our Dublin clinic to have the extensive work carried out and during his visits he had several extractions, was fitted with orthodontic braces, had dental implants inserted and sat for crown and bridge work.

Dr. O’Connell explained:

Not only did we have to restore the teeth we had to get them in the correct position, so I was involved with the orthodontics at the beginning to get the teeth into the correct alignment. Dr. Paul O'Connell

High Emotions At 3Dental

When the final transformation was revealed there were tears – not only from Patrick, but also from some of the staff who had treated him over 10 months at the surgery.

We all understand that patients can be apprehensive about visiting the dentist and at 3Dental we want our clients to know that we are listening to them and are willing to take the steps necessary to make them feel comfortable before, during and after their treatment. Dr. Peter Doherty

3Dental Growth

3Dental itself is currently undergoing some big changes as the size of the clinic doubles and additional staff are being hired to ensure a top level of service at the Naas Road clinic as part of the planned expansion. Dr Vallely said: 

We are delighted with how well things are going and we want to be able to accommodate as many clients as possible so we felt expanding now was the right decision. The new dental suites will allow us to see more patients and reduce waiting times – we are all very excited about the next step in the 3Dental journey. Dr. Niall Vallely

Conclusion and Next Steps

Patrick is just one of the many, many patients we have had the pleasure of treating here at 3Dental. See for yourself by checking out our smile gallery and testimonials pages.

If you feel like you could improve your smile, then get in touch today :)

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