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How Do One Day Dental Implants Work?

18 July 2019

You may have heard the term 'one day dental implants' and wanted to know more. Great! In this post, you will discover how one day dental implants actually work.

If you are missing all of your teeth in one or both jaws, tired of dealing with the discomfort of a loose denture or embarrassed with the appearance of your teeth this post is for you!

What Are One Day Dental Implants?

Teeth in a day or All on 4 dr. peter doherty

At 3Dental, you can arrive in the clinic with your denture or missing teeth, and go back to your house that same day with a brand new set of beautiful teeth!

This is made possible with our Smile In A Day treatment (also known as 'Teeth In a Day' or 'All on Four').

Dr. Peter Doherty explains further in this video:

How Do One Day Dental Implants Work?

All on 4 - Smile in a day

With Smile In A Day, we replace your unhealthy teeth (or conventional dentures) with a full bridge, fixed to your jaw over a minimum of four dental implants.

Dental implants are titanium screws, gently placed into the bone during a surgical procedure.

Their main function is to replace the natural roots of the teeth that were lost, creating mechanical retention to the prosthetic crowns or bridges.

One Day Dental Implants - The Procedure

The First Phase - Consultation

Dental scan

At your first consultation, a full examination of your mouth will be carried out and you will have a 3 dimensional CT scan taken, to check the quality and quantity of the bone in your jaws.

It will also help our specialists to have a very clear, modern and accurate treatment plan for you. You can also help them to choose the shape and shade you’d like to have in your new teeth.

The Second Phase - Surgery

On the day of the procedure, you arrive at 3Dental in the morning. You will be given some oral sedation to help you to relax and take away any anxiety. Your mouth will be gently numbed, and any remaining bad teeth will be removed. The implants are then placed and moulds of your mouth are taken.

You will then be taken to our relaxation room, where you can get comfy and watch TV, read a book, or just take a nap, while our experienced dental technicians create your new teeth in our onsite dental lab.

The Third Phase - Your New Smile

Teeth in a day - after
teeth in a day - before

Later in the afternoon, you will receive a provisional set of teeth which look and function like real teeth, and you can go home and enjoy your new natural looking smile!

After 6 to 9 months, the temporary bridge will be replaced with a more robust final one.

One Day Dental Implants - Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning visits should be undertaken every 6-12 months, to make sure everything is OK with the implants and the bridge.

You will also be shown how to take care of the implants and how to perform proper oral hygiene, in order to get the best and long lasting results.

The success rate for the All On Four procedure is around 95%, and there is no upper age limit for it. Dr. Peter Doherty

One Day Dental Implants - What Our Patients Say

teeth in a day testimonial video

We have successfully completed many cases of one day dental implants. Here is a short testimonial video from Michael O'Toole. 

Make sure you check out our testimonials page to see all our testimonial videos.

Conclusion & Next Steps

Smile In A Day Before
Smile In A Day Before

So by now you have a much better idea of how one day dental implants work!

Don't forget to visit our smile gallery to see the full range of our before and after pictures. Also check out our Smile In A Day for more information on the procedure.

Finally, if you have any further questions we'd love to chat :) Get in touch today to book your free consultation!

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