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What Causes Bad Breath?

20 December 2016

Most of us have had the not-so-nice experience of either having bad breath or talking to someone who has it. Regardless of which side of the conversation you’re on, you’ll agree that both scenarios are not the most pleasant.

After all, no one wants to be the person at the party or office that’s avoided because of the terrible smell that permeates when they talk. If you’re suffering with bad breath and unsure as to how you can get rid of it, it’s important to understand the issues that could be potentially causing your problem.

Let’s talk more about some of these issues. 

What can cause Bad Breath?

  • The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Without regular and effective oral care, bacteria can build up in your mouth and cause bad breath or, by its medical term, halitosis.
  • The types of foods you eat can also greatly affect your breath as the particle breakdown of food begins in your mouth. Strong flavoured and smelling foods such as onions and garlic can contribute to bad breath, which will not go away until these foods pass through the body.
  • Dry mouth, or xerostomia, can also be the root of bad breath as it reduces the flow of saliva and causes the mouth to become dry.
  • Dieters can suffer with bad breath as a result of eating irregularly.
  • Smoking can lead to unpleasant mouth order and cause dry mouth.

Why is Oral Hygiene Important?

Good oral hygiene isn’t just important; it’s essential. Ensuring a regular and effective oral health care routine will massively help to reduce dental problems from occurring.

It will reduce your risk of getting gum disease and suffering from tooth decay. It will ensure healthy gums and lesson your chances of getting bad breath. And, if that’s not reason enough to brush and floss when you should, maintaining good oral hygiene will prolong the life of your teeth.

Stepping away from the obvious benefits of proper oral hygiene, having a healthy mouth can reduce your risk of contracting serious health issues such as strokes and heart disease. It can also improve the overall state of your health and well-being.

Ailbhe, our dental hygienist explains: 

Risk Factors of Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath can be a warning sign of a potentially more serious problem. Gum disease is caused by the build up of plaque on teeth and, when left there to accumulate, the bacteria will multiply and cause havoc.

Ignoring that you’ve got a problem with bad breath will not make it go away. No matter how much mouthwash you use and gum you chew, the problem will persist and potentially cause you bigger complications down the line.

Ways to Decrease Bad Breath

The good news is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of bad breath is by implementing an effective dental hygiene routine into your daily life.

Making little adjustments such as bringing a tooth brush to work and brushing after you’ve eaten will work wonders in your strive for fresh breath. Other ways to help banish bad breath forever include drinking more water, booking regular check-ups with your dentist, giving up smoking and changing your diet to incorporate more fresh, wholesome foods.

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