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What Is Dental Bonding and How Much Does It Cost?

22 May 2019

Dental Bonding at 3Dental

Dental Bonding Before and After
Before Dental Bonding

Our cosmetic dentistry team have been providing dental bonding since we opened in 2016 with fantastic results. See Greg's before and after pictures here.

So you want to know what dental bonding is and how much it costs? Well you've come to the right place.

Let's first take a closer look at what dental bonding is.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is an affordable and predictable way to improve the shape and appearance of your teeth.

Unlike crowns and veneers, it does not usually involve the removal of tooth surface. Dental bonding allows us to repair chips, stains and fluorosis as well as the shape and size of the tooth to improve your smile.

Dental Bonding Dentist

We do this by adding composite (white tooth filling) carefully to the teeth.

Dental bonding is often carried out after braces to repair damage that was done in the past through chipping and grinding.

Straightened teeth are often shorter than other teeth, but we can build them up to restore their proper shape and size.

Wedding Smile

At 3Dental we also often provide dental dental bonding for wedding parties to improve minor imperfections in the bride and grooms smile.

We often do this straight after tooth whitening.

This takes very little time and is very popular as the results can be very impressive.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

We have spent years improving and honing our dental bonding system. In larger cases, we will normally do a wax up and digital smile design of your teeth before we ever start working on them.

This allows us to ‘see’ the end result before we start and ensures both patient and dentist and technician are in agreement as to what the best-looking result will be.

Cosmetic Dental Lab

Bonding involves preparing the surface of the tooth with a thorough cleaning followed by priming the tooth with etch and bond and then the addition of composite (white filling material).

The dentist will carefully match the colour of the material to the desired colour of the teeth.

Dental Bonding Prices

Dental Bonding cost very much depends on the number of teeth involved and the size and complexity of the problem.

Prices start at €90 per tooth up to a maximum of €250 per tooth. Dr. Niall Vallely

With larger multiple teeth cases we can reduce the overall cost per tooth.

In addition, we often use wax ups and clinical smile design and these carry a small additional cost (see price list).

Difference Between Porcelain and Dental Bonding

  • Bonding is made of dental composite (a type of resin).
  • Porcelain crowns and veneers are ceramic.

Ceramics usually require us to prepare teeth by removing some of the outer layer of teeth (the enamel) in order to allow the dental laboratory to fabricate the new teeth. This requires an impression also.

A separate appointment is then required to try in the teeth and bond them on.

Dental bonding avoids all these steps. However, given that dental bonding really only changes tooth size, shape and minor flaws, it is not suitable for crooked teeth or very weak or broken down teeth.

Benefits and Uses of Dental Bonding

Dental Lab Technicians
  • Can dramatically alter the appearance of teeth especially stained or coloured teeth.
  • Avoids the need for multiple appointments.
  • Avoids the need for tooth surface removal.
  • Very affordable especially compared to crowns and veneers.
  • Can be used in conjunction with braces and bleaching.
  • Chips or breaks on bonding are usually easy and quick to repair.
  • Considered to be an entirely reversible procedure.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Dental Bonding Lab

This depends on how well you look after your teeth. After the bonding, factors such as grinding and smoking can affect the bonding.


Generally, a well bonded tooth will last for a maximum of 5 years. We do recommend that you see your hygienist every 6 months to maintain healthy gums and teeth and see your dentist once a year.

I had some bonding done in 2005 and it’s still going strong Neidin

Is Bonding Bad For Your Teeth?

No. Bonding won’t harm your teeth. Bonding, however, does require good oral hygiene and healthy gums to work properly.

What we do find at 3Dental is that after bonding, patients really like their new smile and tend to look after their teeth more. So you could say that bonding is actually good for your teeth….

Can You Whiten a Bonded Tooth?

Dental bonding won’t whiten with bleach (the same as veneers and crowns).

We recommend that you bleach your teeth before starting the bonding process.

However, in smaller bonding cases, we can make the bonding a little lighter in colour to allow you to bleach after.


Dental bonding is safe and reliable. Because it is non-aggressive to teeth and entirely reversible, we’re big fans of it at 3Dental. A lot of our dentists, nurses and receptionists have had dental bonding done.

So why not give us a call today and pop into 3Dental for your free consultation! Our dentists will be delighted to show you how it all works and discuss your options.

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