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Why having regular dental check ups is important for your teeth

31 August 2016
Raise your hand if you love hanging out at the dental surgery. There's a good chance you didn't just raise your hand, because apart from the fact that it would be kind of silly, there are very few people other than dentists who really want to be in such a place. Many people, probably the majority, see the dentist as somebody to be avoided, and this is most unfortunate because it could be exposing them to serious health risks that they're not even aware of. Quite often the fears people have are unfounded, based on myth, or even irrational. Dental technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with the result that treatments today are safer, more effective, and more comfortable than at any time in history. The simplest of all dental procedures is a standard check up, and you should get them regularly because not only your teeth, but your very life, may depend on this quick, easy, and usually painless inspection.It is not widely known but the condition of the mouth has always been a fountain of information concerning a person's overall state of health. This is why the mouth is usually one of the first places a GP will look if you report in with any kind of illness.
  • If the teeth seem brittle or grooved, it could be an indication of a nutritional imbalance. If the gums are unusually pale or conversely swollen and red, it could indicate a range of quite serious internal problems requiring immediate diagnosis and treatment.
  • The presence of sores, ulcers, or abscesses in the mouth may even be early signs of cancer (anywhere in the body) and having this detected and professionally diagnosed could enable you to stage a pre-emptive strike and prevent that condition from developing further.
Did you know that all dentists are also medical doctors? They just happen to be doctors who specialise in treating conditions of the mouth and teeth. They are just as concerned in helping to maintain your overall health as any other doctor would be. As such you can rely on your dentist to alert you to any potential health concerns that may need further assessment. From a purely dental point-of-view, without regard to the other potential health benefits, dental check ups provide the opportunity to identify and treat dental problems while they are in the early stages, before they have the chance to become more serious. This means you can get a potential problem fixed before it ever causes you any pain or discomfort, which ought to be worth far more to you than the small cost involved in getting a check up. And while we're on the subject of finances, it's also a lot less expensive to treat a problem early than if you wait for it to reach the point where it is an excruciating nightmare of non-stop pain. If you've ever experienced serious dental pain before, you already know what I'm talking about. But if you haven't, let me just say that if you ever were to find yourself in that unfortunate position, you would quite literally be willing to beg a dentist on bended knees, and with tears in your eyes, to do something to end your suffering. For your own sake, please do get regular dental check-ups. It is absolutely the most sensible thing you can do to safeguard your health and vitality.  

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