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The Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

  • Initial Consultation
  • Cost, Discomfort & Results
  • Procedure
  • Expected Outcome
  • After Care
  • FAQs
Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Your dentist will ask you about your smile goals and what you'd like to achieve to ensure your expectations can be met.

As a patient, there are many options available to you - examples include bonding, veneers, or something as simple as whitening or repairing a chip, or even orthodontics like Invisalign

The cosmetic dentist will walk you through the options must relevant to your smile goals.

Cost, Discomfort & Results
Cost, Discomfort & Results

Cost, Discomfort & Results

People have a range of questions and concerns when they start cosmetic dental treatment. One of the main questions is around the cost of tretment.

At 3Dental, we are very upfront with our pricing, and we provide priced treatment plans right away.

People also have concerns about the process, what we will do and whether or not there will be any pain involved. At the initial consultation, we can carefully cover all of these topics and set your mind at ease.

Most importantly, people can be apprehensive about the outcome. 

Our digital smile design service will allow you to try a temporary version of your new smile in your mouth BEFORE you go ahead with treatment, so you will know what the result will look like before you commit to treatment.

Shannon Dolan - our dental nurse lead, walks you through what is involved in the digital smile design treatment in the video in this section.



After the inital consultation where we will discuss your goals, we will give you the option of getting the smile design treatment.

Once this has been decided on, we will move into the procedure.

Some procedures, like composite bonding, do not require any preparation of the teeth. Other treatments, like crowns, will require some adjustment to the existing tooth structure.

If the process requires the teeth to be adjusted, the first appointment will be to prepare the teeth. We will place a temporary version of your teeth in your mouth that you will wear until your next appointment.

The temporary teeth will protect the prepared tooth structure underneath and give you some functionality with your teeth.

On the next appointment, we will fix the permanent crown or veneer your teeth.

Expected Outcome
Expected Outcome

Expected Outcome

People come in with a range of problems they perceive are keeping them from having the perfect smile.

Common issues are teeth with gaps, chipped or broken teeth, discoloured or stained teeth, gummy smile, and teeth that are crowded or crooked. We can solve or improve upon all of these issues with cosmetic dentistry. 

Patients are often quite taken aback by the look of their new smile. Before making any adjustments, we want to give the patient some time to acclimatize and get positive feedback from family and friends before making the final modifications to the teeth.

Many patients come into us very self-conscious about their smile.

When we see them for a review, they have learned to smile again and have regained their confidence to smile!

To get a better feel for the type of results you can expect, visit our cosmetic smile gallery and our testimonials page.

After Care
After Care

After Care

After any cosmetic procedure, there is more to look after in your mouth. Your teeth could require more maintenance than before.

We recommend an electric toothbrush, and flossing is more important than ever. You should attend your regular hygiene appointments. We also recommend that you check in with your cosmetic dentist every year. 



Our very own Dr. Niall Vallely provides answers to some of the most common questions we hear about cosmetic treatments.

These questions are also answered at the bottom of this page in the 'Commonly Asked Questions' section.

We offer free cosmetic consultations, so get in touch with our Dublin or Limerick clinic today to discover how we can help you achieve your dream smile!

What Our Patients Say

I was so much more confident!

I was so much more confident after getting my braces done. It makes such a big difference to your face and your teeth in general. You just feel so much happier and you are more conscious of minding your teeth. They are so worth it!

Louise Collins
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6 month braces testimonial - louise collins - 3dental Watch Video

What Our Patients Say

It totally changed the way I think about dentistry now.

It was a long road for me to to pluck up the courage to come up to the dentist. I'm glad I did it now.

Mark Clark
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cosmetic dentistry testimonial - mark clark - 3dental Watch Video

What Our Patients Say

I've recommended 3Dental to a lot of my friends and family members.

I found the staff to be extremely friendly, very outgoing, very professional, and it's a very warm environment to be in. Not like your usual dentist experience!

Donna Marie
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6 month braces testimonial - donna marie - 3dental Watch Video

What Our Patients Say

When I speak, I (now) show my teeth, and when I laugh, I laugh with my mouth open - and then same when I smile.

I came back the same evening I had the 12 teeth removed and I had a mockup of my new teeth. Fully screwed in. I felt no pain. All in the same day! That to me, was the biggest thing of all!

Caroline Dwayne
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teeth in a day testimonial - caroline dwayne - 3dental Watch Video

What Our Patients Say

I knew it would be worth waiting for!

With my new composite bonding, my teeth feel like glass, they are so shiny, they feel completely different. The work is second to none - I'm just over the moon with them!

Kristina Lauren
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Composite Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry - Kristina Lauren - 3Dental Watch Video

What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling! I can't stop taking pictures!

I feel absolutely amazing. You can keep your natural teeth and get this amazing look (dental bonding). It's such a confidence boost!

Lee O'Reilly
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lee composite bonding testimonial Watch Video
6 month braces testimonial - louise collins - 3dental
cosmetic dentistry testimonial - mark clark - 3dental
6 month braces testimonial - donna marie - 3dental
teeth in a day testimonial - caroline dwayne - 3dental
Composite Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry - Kristina Lauren - 3Dental
lee composite bonding testimonial

What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling! I can't stop taking pictures!

I feel absolutely amazing. You can keep your natural teeth and get this amazing look (dental bonding). It's such a confidence boost!

Lee O'Reilly
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lee composite bonding testimonial Watch Video
lee composite bonding testimonial

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Our Patient Reviews

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Lorraine Palles

“Had a broken tooth and was nervous about going to the dentist as I hadn't been in ages. Delighted I have found Dr Aoibhe. She is fantastic. She has looked after me twice and I have booked to see her...”

Aisling Murtagh

“I can’t recommend 3Dental enough. I was extremely nervous about visiting the dentist having not been in a long number of years and having had negative experiences in my teenage years. Everyone from...”

Lily Burke

“I honestly can't recommend 3Dental and Dr Luis enough. I had been really unhappy with my teeth since I lost a tooth at the side of my mouth which was visible when I smiled. I had gone to my own...”

John Hayden

“Hi, I got a very large bridge made due to missing teeth recently and my overall experience was extremely positive. The whole procedure from start to finish was explained to me every step of the...”

Linda Gill Guthrie

“Can’t recommend this dental clinic enough. Unbelievable service, very professional in plush surroundings. Very reasonable prices. Don’t go any where else, especially for cosmetic dentistry. Thanks...”

Carmel Murphy

“Thank you so much to the fabulous Jennifer Owens and her amazing assistant Louise. This is the first time in my life I can smile with confidence. My years of dental phobia are well and truly a thing...”

Commonly Asked Questions

What does cosmetic dentistry include?

Cosmetic dentistry is the aspect of dentistry that deals with the aesthetics or the appearance of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can include anything from whitening to crowns and veneers to orthodontic treatments like Invisalign.

A cosmetic dentist can adjust the size, shape, colour, shade, alignment and overall look of your teeth. 

What is the difference between a cosmetic dentist and a regular dentist?

All dentistry has a cosmetic component to it. Even when doing fillings, we want them to look natural. Every cosmetic dentist is also a general dentist.

They have a particular interest in and have developed skills for improving the aesthetics of the teeth. 

Is cosmetic dentistry painful?

We make all of the treatments as gentle as possible. Many treatments require no drilling and no injections.

For more invasive treatments, we can numb the patient and manage any discomfort.

What is the average cost of cosmetic dentistry?

There is a wide range of cosmetic procedures and a wide range of costs.

Pricing starts at €150 (for teeth whitening or to do some bonding on a single tooth) to a full smile makeover with bonding or veneers that can range from between €2,000 to €10,000.

Can really bad teeth be fixed?

Absolutely. These are the cases that are most rewarding because they provide the most dramatic results.

Often we can make the most improvements on teeth a patient thinks look bad or are unsalvagable.

What is the best cosmetic dental procedure?

There is no one best cosmetic treatment. It varies from patient to patient.

Depending on your situation, one of the cosmetic dentists at 3Dental will recommend the best treatment to achieve the results you want.