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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Missing or broken teeth can cause many different problems such as eating difficulties and dental hygiene issues, as well as impaired speech and migrating teeth.

Occasionally, they can also progress to future dental complications which can cause pain and become expensive to fix.

Broken teeth can also lead to problems with confidence, self-esteem, and can be responsible for a reduced quality of life.

Dental Crowns and Bridges are an effective and affordable treatment that help to fix, strengthen and improve the appearance of damaged or missing teeth preventing any future dental issues from occurring.

What Is A Dental Crown and A Dental Bridge?

Dental crowns are a common treatment used to strengthen damaged or broken teeth without looking out of place.

They consist of a small “cap” that is added to the top of the damaged tooth and are usually made from porcelain, however, a variety of different materials are available depending on your individual requirements.

All our dental crowns are made from casts of your original teeth to ensure that they don’t look out of place and are fixed with dental cement to ensure they are permanent.

Dental bridges are similar to dental crowns but are used when a group of teeth are damaged beyond repair or missing.

They are specially fabricated for you, and are permanently fitted to ensure they stay strong and secure.

We also take care that our dental bridges are made to fit in with the rest of your teeth discreetly to give a natural and beautiful smile.

Once you make an appointment with 3 Dental, the dentist discuss the various options of the crowns and bridges and discuss the suitability of the materials to suit your needs.

An appointment will then be set for you to have your teeth prepared for the crowns/bridges. An impression will then be taken of the teeth. This will be used in the lab to fabricated your custom teeth.

The dentist will then give you temporary teeth so that you don’t have unsightly gaps or prepared teeth.

Once your crowns and bridges are complete the dentist will then arrange an appointment to fit them. All going well the process can be completed in 2/3 weeks.

What Our Patients Say & Our Dental Lab

‘Life changing experience’

After suffering from a genetic condition where her teeth crumbled away, Bridget turned to 3 Dental for help.

‘I’m very happy now’

After debating whether or not to go abroad, John Barrett is confident he made the right decision.

3 Dental are ‘the most technologically advanced dental clinic in Ireland.’

Oisin O’Donnell, 3 Dental’s dental technician, explains what goes on at the 3 Dental lab.

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