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Dental veneers are small layers of material (usually porcelain) that are fixed permanently to a broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth.

By fixing them to teeth, they can improve their shape, colour and positioning.

They are colour matched to ensure they don’t look out of place with the rest of your teeth and are added with minimal difficulty.

They are used primarily for the visible front-facing teeth but can be added to rear teeth when necessary.

What's The Process?

    1. Dental veneer treatment will always begin with an examination of the teeth, however treatment can require multiple visits to the dentist. An examination allows you to discuss the end result, maintenance and any other concerns you may have with your dentist before any treatment has begun.
    2. Once this examination is complete, the next step will consist of preparing the tooth to ensure the veneer fixes properly.
    3. After a local anesthetic is given to prevent any sensitivity, the tooth is prepared by reducing the outer layer of enamel and the sharp biting edge to give the dental veneer something to attach to.
    4. Once complete, your dentist will take a mould to ensure the correct shape and colour of the dental veneer. If necessary, a temporary veneer will be created to help protect the tooth until a permanent one can be created. However, this is usually only required if the tooth is badly damaged or in a poor state.
        1. The next stage of the treatment consists of cleaning the tooth, removing the temporary veneer if one was added and fitting the permanent one in its place. Similar to the first session, you will receive a dental examination and a local anesthetic before any treatment is undertaken.
        2. Then the dental veneer is carefully fixed to the tooth using a specialised dental bonding cement which is hardened using a bright light.
        3. Lastly, a final examination of the colour, shape and bite is undertaken and any extra dental cement is removed. Your dentist will then give you advice on maintenance, foods or drink to avoid and a date for a follow-up examination to ensure the success of the treatment.

Why Choose Us

At 3 Dental we pride ourselves on being one of the top clinics in Dublin to undertake veneer treatment.

We are constantly learning and taking courses to ensure that the work done in our clinic is of the highest quality.

Recently we have sent clinicians to San Fransisco in the United States and also Dubrovnik in Croatia to learn the latest techniques from some of the most renowned clinicians in the field of placing veneers.

By choosing 3 Dental you are choosing experience and craftsmanship.

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