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Porcelain Veneers Dublin

Dental veneers are small layers of material (usually porcelain) that are fixed permanently to a broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth.

By fixing them to teeth, they can improve their shape, colour and positioning.

They are colour matched to ensure they don’t look out of place with the rest of your teeth and are added with minimal difficulty.

They are used primarily for the visible front-facing teeth but can be added to rear teeth when necessary.

What's The Process for Dental Veneers?

Dental veneer treatment will always begin with an examination of the teeth, however treatment can require multiple visits to the dentist.

An examination allows you to discuss the end result, maintenance and any other concerns you may have with your dentist before any treatment has begun.

Once this examination is complete, the next step will consist of preparing the tooth to ensure the veneer fixes properly.

After a local anaesthetic is given to prevent any sensitivity, the tooth is prepared by reducing the outer layer of enamel and the sharp biting edge to give the dental veneer something to attach to.

Once complete, your dentist will take a mould to ensure the correct shape and colour of the dental veneer.

If necessary, a temporary veneer will be created to help protect the tooth until a permanent one can be created.

However, this is usually only required if the tooth is badly damaged or in a poor state.

The next stage of the treatment consists of cleaning the tooth, removing the temporary veneer if one was added and fitting the permanent one in its place.

Similar to the first session, you will receive a dental examination and a local anaesthetic before any treatment is undertaken.

Then the dental veneer is carefully fixed to the tooth using a specialised dental bonding cement which is hardened using a bright light.

Lastly, a final examination of the colour, shape and bite is undertaken and any extra dental cement is removed.

Your dentist will then give you advice on maintenance, foods or drink to avoid and a date for a follow-up examination to ensure the success of the treatment.

Porcelain Veneers Cost

The cost of porcelain veneers is €500 per veneer.

Our Happy Dental Veneers Patients

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Jodie Sarsfield

Alan Mayner

Sandra Lawless

What People Are Saying About 3 Dental

I can really recommend 3 dental. I went there yesterday because I was really in pain with one of my teeth. I immediately got an emergency appointment for this morning. They did xray and Dr. Deane renewed my old filling, which was the cause of my pain. He was really calming and so nice! At the end of the appointment I only had to pay 50 EUR which is quite fair for this treatment! The rooms are also awesome, everything is clean and luxury, the women at the reception are nice as well. All in all it was the best experience I ever had with a dentist and when I left the building I was happy and relieved. Thank you! 🙂
Sinda Weber
Sinda Weber
08:59 13 Feb 19
Recently made an appointment for gum treatment and fillings with the hopes of getting braces after,the girls put me completely at ease and talked me through everything.Procedures were painless and I'm actually looking forward to the next round of treatment and straightening my smile.Prices are manageable,it's worth the money.
Heather Perry
Heather Perry
15:48 17 Jan 19
Friendly and professional staff, easy booking, competitive prices and good location. Limited parking is the only disadvantage.
Agnieszka Garbacz
Agnieszka Garbacz
20:54 10 Jan 19
Friendly and professional staff, easy booking, competitive prices and good location. Limited parking is the only downfall.
Agnieszka Garbacz
Agnieszka Garbacz
20:49 10 Jan 19
staff very friendly. fast no waiting. dr sorted my tooth pain straight away. i recommend to everybody
Ivana opacak
Ivana opacak
11:30 06 Oct 18
Had terrible pain and a friend who works as a dental nurse recommended this practice to me. They were able to accommodate me with an emergency appointment almost immediately. When I went in all the staff were so welcoming and friendly and did their best to put me at ease (I'm an extremely nervous patient). My dentist Paul was really fantastic and I couldn't recommend him highly enough!
Zoe Sanfey
Zoe Sanfey
17:35 26 Sep 18
Had a wisdom tooth removed, was painless and quick, great place.
Philip Comerford
Philip Comerford
03:16 05 Sep 18
Thank you so much to the girls today and their amazing professionalism. Ciara and Niamh would give them 10 stars if possible. Dr Jennifer is an amazing lady and I am ecstatic regarding her work . Well done girls👌
Sandra Mongan
Sandra Mongan
12:43 27 Jul 18
I’ve never had a good experience at any dentist. Because of this I’ve put off getting dental work done and as a result have a lot of things I need to get done. I read the good reviews and finally decided to face my fears and go to 3dental. Everybody was very nice to me, I was concerned that they would see all the things I need to get done and shame me or belittle me as other dentists have but they were very nice to me and professional and just focused on what the plan would be. I really do have severe anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist and when I showed up for my 2nd appointment to get a tooth pulled I was very anxious and could feel myself wanting to back out but everyone was so nice that I actually had the courage to stay and follow through. The receiptionists, assistants, and dentists really did go above and beyond to talk me through my fears and put me at ease, they have a lot of patience as well. I plan on going back to get everything I need done. This place was a game changer for me. I let myself be in pain for years with teeth that need root canals, or cavities filled and I’m so happy to finally be taking care of it.
Laura F
Laura F
20:29 21 Jun 18
This was my second visit to 3 dental. I am fairly terrified of the dentist and Have had sedation in the past. But I had a broken tooth and it was ripping my mouth apart. I saw a dentist called Chris... well he was absolutely fantastic on both occasions. Explained everything to me. I didn't feel a thing not even the injection. I have a perfect new tooth and I am delighted. The place is lovely. Its Spotless and very friendly. The nurse was lovely. I was so nervous I didn't get her name but she helped calm me down.... the dentist had such lovely manners too every time he asked the nurse for something he said please and thank you..... I would highly recommend it....
Sandra Dolan
Sandra Dolan
18:29 23 Mar 18
Right from my initial visit to 3 dental I felt I was in safe and very competent hands. At the first visit, I was introduced to the nurses who would assist as well as having the whole process explained. I was given the information in writing and time to think about it.At each subsequent visit, Peter explained what was being done and at no stage did I experience excessive pain or feel scared of the process. Great care was taken to ensure that I was at ease. I was given clear advice on how to care for my teeth and gums to aid the healing between visits.I was impressed with the precision of the treatment and the high professional standards and competence from all staff at all visits.I would have no hesitation in recommending 3 Dental anyone who needs dental work done in a safe, pleasant, friendly, professional and pain free environment. I can't recommend 3 Dental enough ... they've restored my confidence and self-esteem, I feel so much better about myself and I really enjoy smiling again 😁
Therese Reddan
Therese Reddan
14:59 05 Dec 17

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At 3 Dental we pride ourselves on being one of the top clinics in Dublin to undertake veneer treatment.

We are constantly learning and taking courses to ensure that the work done in our clinic is of the highest quality.

Recently we have sent clinicians to San Fransisco in the United States and also Dubrovnik in Croatia to learn the latest techniques from some of the most renowned clinicians in the field of placing veneers.

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