What Is A Dental Crown?
Dr. Carmen Anastasiu Explains The Dental Crown Process

What Is A Dental Crown?

What Is A Dental Crown?
Dr. Carmen Anastasiu Explains The Dental Crown Process

Missing or broken teeth can cause many different problems such as eating difficulties, dental hygiene issues, as well as problems with confidence and self-esteem.

A dental crown helps to fix, strengthen and improve the appearance of a damaged, chipped or missing tooth.

It is a permanent solution and so can prevent any future dental issues from occurring.

Dr. Carmen Anastasiu explains the dental crown treatment in more detail in this video - including the treatment timeline and next steps.

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How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

A dental crown costs between €550-€750 per tooth. The price is dependant on the type of material used - zirconia, emax or porcelain.

We offer payment plans on treatments over €1,000. 50% is required upfront and a minimum monthly payment of €150 is required.

More information can be found on our price list and payment plan page.

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How Does A Dental Crown Work?
A Dental Crown - Note That A Crown Covers The Whole Tooth

How Does A Dental Crown Work?

How Does A Dental Crown Work?
A Dental Crown - Note That A Crown Covers The Whole Tooth

Dental crowns are a common treatment used to strengthen a damaged or broken tooth without looking out of place.

They consist of a small “cap” that is added to the top of the damaged tooth and are usually made from porcelain, however, a variety of different materials are available depending on your individual requirements.

All our dental crowns are made from casts of your original teeth to ensure that they don’t look out of place and are fixed with dental cement to ensure they are permanent.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Fix, Strengthen And Improve The Appearance Of A Damaged Or Missing Tooth

Improved Feeling Of Confidence

Visit Our Smile Gallery To See Our Dental Crown Before And Afters!

Available In Our Dublin, Limerick And Galway Clinics

Cover A Discoloured Tooth

Restore Your Tooth To It's Natural Shape And Size

Support a Tooth That Has Been Damaged By Decay

Dramatically Improve Your Smile :)

The Dental Crown Procedure

  • Your Initial Consultation
  • Preparing Your Teeth
  • Fitting Your Crown
  • Consider Going Abroad For A Crown?
  • Further Dental Crown Resources
Your Initial Consultation
Your Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

Once you make an appointment with 3Dental, the dentist will discuss the various options available to you.

This will include discussing the suitability of the material of the crown to suit your needs.

Preparing Your Teeth
Preparing Your Teeth

Preparing Your Teeth

An appointment will then be set for you to have your teeth prepared for the crowns. An impression will then be taken of the teeth. This will be used in the lab to fabricated your custom teeth.

The dentist will then give you a temporary crown so that you don’t have unsightly gaps when you leave the clinic (in advance of getting the permanent crown fitted). 

Find out how to care for this temporary crown in our temporary crowns aftercare page.

Fitting Your Crown
Fitting Your Crown

Fitting Your Crown

Once your crowns and bridges are complete the dentist will then arrange an appointment to fit them.

All going well the process can be completed in 2 or 3 weeks.

Consider Going Abroad For A Crown?
Consider Going Abroad For A Crown?

Consider Going Abroad For A Crown?

There is a perception that treatment done overseas is cheaper.

Unfortunately, overtreatment, excessive tooth preparation and lack of aftercare are common and can lead to poor long-term oral health outcomes. 

Over-preparation of teeth can lead to future complications and potential damage, so we take a conservative approach to dental procedures.

Our team emphasises comprehensive aftercare, ensuring you receive the support and guidance needed to maintain your dental health.

The good news is that we offer free consultations which allows you to come in and see us and get all your questions answered - before booking that trip!

Further Dental Crown Resources
Further Dental Crown Resources

Further Dental Crown Resources

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to help you take the next step. 

So for further information, please check out:

What Our Patients Say

I had 6 month braces, teeth whitening and bonding.

It's (braces and bonding) really massively changed my life. I didn't realise how much more confidence would come with having a straight white smile.

Danielle Farrell (Braces & Bonding)
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What Our Patients Say

I was so happy with them, the minute they went on.

My confidence wasn't knocked at all (during treatment). I was so happy with them, the minute they went on. I was just delighted.

Amy Cinelli (Clear Braces)
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What Our Patients Say

I wake up happy. I go to sleep happy!

I can eat again. Before I couldn't eat. In photographs I'm the one right at the front!

Bridget Spalding (Bridge)
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What Our Patients Say

It totally changed the way I think about dentistry now.

It was a long road for me to to pluck up the courage to come up to the dentist. I'm glad I did it now.

Mark Clark (Six Month Braces)
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What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling!

The pricing was great. I can't stop smiling! Everyone in my job notices the difference.

Sharon Logan (6 Month Braces)
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What Our Patients Say

10 years later, I'm still going to 3Dental

It's an enjoyment coming here to the dentist. It's a very laid back, very comfortable, very friendly and very fun place to attend.

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6 month braces testimonial - amy cinelli - 3dental
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orthodontics testimonial - mark clark - 3dental
6 month braces testimonial - sharon logan - 3dental
invisalign testimonial - paul fitzgerald - 3dental

What Our Patients Say

I wake up happy. I go to sleep happy!

I can eat again. Before I couldn't eat. In photographs I'm the one right at the front!

Bridget Spalding (Bridge)
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Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need a crown after my tooth had a root canal treatment?

After a root canal treatment, the tooth becomes weaker due to the nerve being removed.

A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth and reinforces the structure of a weakened tooth.

Should I have crowns or veneers placed on my front teeth for cosmetic appearance?

This is dependent on the position and health of your teeth.

A veneer is a thin shell placed on the front surface and a crown is a cap that is placed over the entire tooth.

Your dentist can discuss which you will require at your free consultation.

To find out a more detailed comparison of the differences between crowns and veneers - check out our post on Veneers vs Crowns - Which Are Better?

Is it painful to have a crown put on your tooth?

Absolutely not. The dentist will gently numb the area beforehand, so you won't feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

After the crown is fitted, it should feel like a natural tooth.

What materials are the crowns made from?

Our crowns are made in our own high-tech dental laboratory. Your dentist will choose the material best suited to you for aesthetics and function.

We provide EMAX and Zirconia crowns.

EMAX crowns are layered with porcelain and have excellent strength.

Zirconia crowns are made of pure zirconia which is an extremely strong material.

Can crowns be whitened?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to whiten dental crowns.

This is because crowns are made from materials that do not respond to traditional teeth-whitening methods.

Before getting your crown, you can whiten the rest of your teeth and the shade of your crown can be matched to your whitened teeth.

Your crowns, like your teeth, can stain from smoking, red wine and coffee – a visit to one of our hygienists for a polish will help remove any stains.  

How long is a crown supposed to last?

It is very unpredictable. In some patients, it can last forever.

However, if natural teeth can break, so can a crown - so it depends on many factors.

At 3Dental we offer 5 years warranty on our crowns.

Can your tooth decay under a crown?

Generally, your tooth should not decay underneath a crown, and a crown should last between 10-15 years or more.

It is imperative that the patient maintains good oral hygiene routine and comes in for regular check-ups and cleanings every six months.

This will significantly increase the longevity of the crown and the tooth underneath.

Can you get a crown without a root canal?

There are many situations where the tooth can be damaged while the root remains intact and in good condition.

Some examples include when the tooth:

  • Is heavily filled
  • Is dark or discoloured
  • Is worn down and needs protection
  • Has been damaged from trauma

Your dentist can tell by looking at an x-ray if the root is in good condition.

The crown protects and helps maintain the tooth's structure whether or not a root canal has been done.

How long does it take to get a tooth crown done?

Usually, it takes two appointments for your dentist to complete a crown treatment. 

After an examination, your first appointment is for tooth preparation, and you get a temporary crown.

We then make an appointment two weeks later when the final restoration is ready.

At this appointment, your dentist will permanently affix the crown. 

*While the temporary crown is in place, you should be careful and not eat chewy foods like toffee or chewing gum which could stick to the temporary crown and pull it off, or hard foods like nuts or anything crunchy.

What can I eat after getting a dental crown?

A crown will behave remarkably similarly to a natural tooth.

After your permanent crown is in place, you can eat what you normally would.

This advice is for a permanent crown, not a temporary crown.

How long does a temporary crown last?

A temporary crown can last until your next appointment, where we fit the permanent crown.

A temporary crown is meant to last from two weeks to a couple of months at most.

In some cases, temporary crowns can last longer, but they are not designed for this and should not be considered a long-term solution.

Is a crown permanent?

For the most part, you should expect your crown to last 10 to 15 years or more.

The crown's longevity will depend on your oral hygiene routine, frequency of dental checkups, diet, and other lifestyle factors.

Remember, the circumstance that caused the original tooth to fail may still be present with the crown.

The better you look after your crown, the longer it will last.

What materials are used to make a crown?

Previously crowns were made from either gold or metal with porcelain layered on top.

Newer materials such as Zirconia or Emax porcelain are more popular now. 

Zirconia is a type of ceramic that is as durable as metal. Zirconia is opaque, which is helpful if the tooth is dark underneath.

We mainly use zirconia crowns in the back of the mouth, where there is more pressure on the biting surface. 

For the front of the mouth, we primarily use porcelain, a more translucent ceramic with a higher aesthetic quality. Porcelain looks more harmonious next to a natural tooth. 

In cases where we need the strength and opaqueness of a metal crown with the aesthetic quality of porcelain, we can create a zirconia crown and hand-layer it with porcelain to create a robust crown with beautiful aesthetics. 

Can I get treated for a dental crown near me?

Yes! We provide dental crowns in each of our three clinics - Dublin, Limerick and Galway.

Book your free consultation today! We look forward to welcoming you in person soon :)

Are crowns covered by insurance?

This will vary depending on your specific insurance plan.

Some dental insurance plans may provide partial or full coverage for crowns, especially if they are considered medically necessary.

However, you'll need to check with your insurance provider for more information.

What are the best crowns for front teeth?

There are several options are available.

Ceramic or porcelain crowns are an excellent choice, as they offer translucency that closely mimics natural teeth.

Zirconia crowns are also gaining popularity for their exceptional strength and lifelike appearance.

Ultimately, the best crown material for front teeth depends on factors such as your preferences, budget, and your dentist's recommendations.

Can a crown be removed or replaced?

Crowns are intended to be a permanent dental restoration.

Removing a crown typically requires specialised dental instruments to break the cement bond carefully and may involve some tooth preparation.

If you need to replace a crown in the future, a new crown will need to be fabricated and fitted onto the tooth.

Do crowns discolour over time? What can be done to prevent this?

Crowns can discolour over time, although the rate of discolouration can vary depending on the materials used.

Porcelain crowns typically have good stain resistance but may still show signs of discolouration over time.

It's important to note that crowns and natural teeth may not discolour at the same rate.

If a crown becomes more visible over time due to discolouration of natural teeth, one option is to undergo teeth whitening to lighten the colour of your natural teeth.

This can help to create a more uniform and harmonious look.

We recommend that you attend regular hygiene and check-up visits to catch any issues early on. 

Do all crowns need a post?

Not all crowns require a post.

We typically use a post when there is not enough tooth structure to support the crown.

What are the differences between a dental crown, a dental cap and a jacket?

The terms 'dental crown', 'dental cap', and 'jacket' are often used interchangeably to refer to a dental crown.

These terms all mean the same thing.

They all cover a damaged or weakened tooth to restore its structure and function. 

What are the typical healing times for crowns?

After the crown is placed, it may take a few days to a couple of weeks for the gums and surrounding tissues to heal completely.

Typically, the patient does not experience much discomfort during the healing process.

The typical healing time depends on factors such as your oral health and the complexity of the crown placement. 

What is the different between Emax, porcelain and zirconium crowns?

Emax crowns are known for their excellent aesthetics and natural translucency.

Porcelain crowns offer similar aesthetics with good durability.

On the other hand, zirconium crowns are highly durable and known for their strength. This makes them suitable for patients with heavy biting forces or for posterior teeth. 

Do dental crowns ever loosen?

In rare cases, dental crowns can loosen over time.

Maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups, and avoiding teeth grinding are vital to prevent crown loosening.

If a crown becomes loose, it is crucial to contact your dentist immediately.

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