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Gingivectomy - Making Your Smile More Symmetrical

Symmetry is one of the key components to an attractive smile. An uneven gum line can make an otherwise nice set of teeth appear unattractive.

Similarly, an excessive amount of gum on show when smiling can detract from the appearance.

A solution to this is to carry out a procedure known as a ‘gingivectomy’, which recontours an uneven or gummy smile.

It can just be for one tooth, or for multiple teeth, dependant on the extent of the problem.

The procedure usually involves the removal of a portion of gum (aka gingiva) from in and around the teeth.

As well as treating a gummy smile or uneven gums, it can also be used to treat gum disease.

Before & After Pictures

Below is a before and after shot of one of our female patients during her gingivectomy treatment. We can see that her smile is less gummy in the after shot:

Our male patients are also fond of the gingivectomy treatment. Here is another before and after shot. In the before shot, we can see a lot of gum above the teeth and below his upper lip. However, after treatment less gum is on show.


How is a Gingivectomy Carried Out?

A gingivectomy is a quite simple and straight forward procedure. Patients are given a local anesthetic so that they can be made as comfortable as possible and ensure the procedure is pain free.

  1. Using a surgical scalpel, or a low-frequency laser, the tissue is trimmed and removed
  2. The remaining gums are reattached in and around the teeth by stitches
  3. Finally, saline and special rinses are used to clean the area

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