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Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal treatment is necessary if bacteria reaches the nerve of a tooth.

This may happen if a cavity reaches the nerve or a tooth breaks, thus exposing the nerve.

Occasionally, some root canal treatments may fail and require a re-do or a re-treatment root canal.

Root canal treatments have an 85% success rate and there are a variety of factors behind these success rates.

However, if you feel you require a re-treatment of a root canal, an endodontist will happily carry this our for you.

What is the Procedure?

This treatment involves removing the old rubber material in the canal and cleaning the canal of any residual bacteria.

Once the canals are cleaned, they are re-filled with a new rubber material and sealed to prevent any further bacteria entering the canal.

In contrast to the initial root canal treatment with a success rate of 85%, retreatments have a success rate of 92%.

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