Dental Hygiene Appointment

Dental Hygiene Appointment

Dental Hygiene Appointment

A dental hygiene appointment involves cleaning the teeth and gums to prevent diseases from taking hold.

Our hygienists will evaluate your oral health and focus on identifying and treating gum disease. (Dental hygienists are particularly concerned with gum health.)

After carrying out the cleaning, we will offer advice on how to improve your oral health and maintain these habits at home.

Our dental hygiene treatment is commonly referred to as scale and polish where we will professionally clean your teeth and gums, by removing the tartar and calculus from the teeth and under the gum line.

Hygiene Appointment Cost

Hygiene Appointment Cost

Hygiene Appointment Cost

A dental hygiene appointment costs €70. 

For those people with PRSI eligibilty, the cost is €15.

In addition to one free dental exam per year, the PRSI dental benefits provide people with either:

  • One scale and polish (teeth cleaning) treatment - This is only partially covered and so there will be a €15 fee for this


  • One periodontal treatment (deep cleaning of the gums and teeth) - This is only partially covered (with a PRSI contribution of €42) and so an additional fee will be required

A hygiene appointment for kids costs €40.

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How Often Should I Visit My Dental Hygienist?

How Often Should I Visit My Dental Hygienist?

How Often Should I Visit My Dental Hygienist?

We advise patients to visit us to get a cleaning every six months.

Plaque tends to get trapped in places your toothbrush can’t reach and accumulate there over time. These places can only be cleaned using special dental hygiene tools.

This allows the hygienist to identify any problems and prevent future issues from happening!

A Routine checkup vs A Hygiene Appointment

A Routine checkup vs A Hygiene Appointment

A Routine checkup vs A Hygiene Appointment

A dentist carries out a routine checkup. This appointment involves checking for cavities as well as examining the patient's overall oral health.

When necessary, the dentist will refer the patient to the dental hygienist for a cleaning.

We recommend having a dental checkup before your hygiene appointment. 


Optimise Your Oral Health

Regular Visits To The Hygienist Help Avoid Needing Large Treatments

Get Educated On How To Take Care Of Your Oral Health

Keep Your Smile White And Bright!

The Dental Hygiene Process

  • Our Dental Hygiene Advice
  • Quality dental hygiene
  • Brushing Your Teeth
  • Teeth Replacement Options
Our Dental Hygiene Advice
Our Dental Hygiene Advice

Our Dental Hygiene Advice

We will explain the best way to take care of your teeth, including how to clean, floss, and use mouthwash effectively.

In the video in this panel, our very own hygienist, Ailbhe O'Sullivan, explains how to floss your teeth correctly.

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Quality dental hygiene
Quality dental hygiene

Quality dental hygiene

Our hygienists use effective cleaning techniques that remove tartar and plaque, including scaling and polishing for both normal and sensitive teeth.

They pay particular attention to staining from tea, coffee, wine and smoking. We can also offer gentle air abrasion of teeth to bring the colour up to their very whitest.

In addition, we will be able to advise you how to clean your teeth effectively, preventing any future dental complications.

In the video in this panel, Ailbhe O'Sullivan explains what a dental hygienist does in detail.

Brushing Your Teeth
Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing Your Teeth

Ailbhe advises that everybody brushes their teeth, twice a day for 2 minutes.

Preferably using soft bristles. This is because your less likely to do any damage to the gums with soft bristles.

You should use about a pea sized amount of toothpaste. 

The best technique to brush your teeth is called 'modified bass' technique. Ailbhe explains how this works in the video in this panel. 

Teeth Replacement Options
Teeth Replacement Options

Teeth Replacement Options

Sometimes teeth require a more in-depth treatment, especially if they are cracked, chipped, damaged, or missing entirely.

Our dentists offer a wide variety of tooth replacement options including dental implants, dental bridges or implant retained dentures.

We will work with you to restore your smile.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can my hygienist do teeth whitening?

Yes. If requested, after a dental cleaning, your hygienist can take impressions of your teeth and provide you with a teeth whitening kit.

This will allow you to go home and bleach your teeth to make them whiter.


How do you maintain oral hygiene?

We recommend brushing a maximum of twice a day, as anything more than this can cause overbrushing.

Does a hygienist treatment hurt?

No. 3Dental is excellent at managing pain and our patients rarely feel any pain.

There may be some discomfort that can be managed with over the counter pain killers like paracetamol and ibuprofen.

During procedures, discomfort is managed with a local anaesthetic and the patient will feel no pain.

Can I be seen straight away?

Though our hygiene services are very popular we will do out best to see you as quickly as possible. 

Call our Dublin, Limerick or Galway clinic today and we will do our best to fit you in.

Can I get a hygiene appointment near me?

Yes! We provide hygiene appointments in each of our three clinics - Dublin, Limerick and Galway.

Book your free consultation today! We look forward to welcoming you in person soon :)

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Kaitlyn Salmon

“Ms. Rosario Costello was an excellent hygienist. Very friendly and thorough. I had a great experience and look forward to my next appointment. Thank you team 3Dental Limerick!”