What Is Invisalign?

What Is Invisalign?

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners meant to straighten teeth without brackets or wires.

The aligners can be easily taken out and placed back in, making everything from eating to brushing a breeze.

Invisalign patients can eat what they want, speak with confidence and live their lives as normal, and the best part is no one will even notice you are wearing them!

Invisalign Corrects A Broad Range Of Problems

Invisalign Corrects A Broad Range Of Problems

Invisalign Corrects A Broad Range Of Problems

Advancements in Invisalign’s technology have made it possible to correct a broad range of difficult situations such as:

  • deep bite
  • overly crowded teeth
  • widely spaced teeth
  • open bite, crossbite
  • overbite and underbite.

Compliance indicators track their wear time and you have up to six free replacements.

Benefits of Invisalign

Straighter Teeth. Check Out Smile Gallery For Some Amazing Before And After Pictures!

Invisible Appearance. Invisalign Aligners Are Invisible! They Won't Detract From Your Face Or Smile :)

A More Confident Smile. Invisalign Leads To Beautifully Straight Teeth And A Wonderful Smile!

Much More Comfortable Than Traditional Metal Braces

Save Time. Spend Less Time At Our Clinics As Invisalign Only Needs To Be Maintained Every 6 Weeks On Average

Replacable. When You Are Ready To Brush Your Teeth, You Just Remove The Trays/Aligners

Eat Whatever You Want

Better Dental Health. Straight Teeth Are Better For Your Gums And Oral Health

How Does Invisalign Work?

  • Your Initial Consultation
  • Regular Checkups
  • After Care
  • More Information
Your Initial Consultation
Your Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation your orthodontist can check if you are suitable for Invisalign.

A digital scan will be taken of your teeth and you will then be able to see a video of your end result.

Regular Checkups
Regular Checkups

Regular Checkups

During Invisalign treatment, you will need to see your orthodontist every few weeks.

Your orthodontist will issue you a couple of sets of clear aligners each visit.

Regular visits will enable your orthodontist to ensure your teeth are on track, and ensure you end your treatment with a beautiful smile.

After Care
After Care

After Care

When you have completed your Invisalign treatment, you will need to wear a retainer.

A retainer is a clear aligner, this will retain the position of your teeth. This is generally worn at night time.

Your orthodontist will also carry out a review a few months after treatment. 

What Our Patients Say

I was so much more confident!

I was so much more confident after getting my braces done. It makes such a big difference to your face and your teeth in general. You just feel so much happier and you are more conscious of minding your teeth. They are so worth it!

Louise Collins
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What Our Patients Say

Transformed smile.

I had 6 month braces. They transformed my smile because I wasn't happy with my smile. I was super happy with the results!

Calvin Hayes
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What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling!

The pricing was great. I can't stop smiling! Everyone in my job notices the difference.

Sharon Logan
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What Our Patients Say

I was delighted with that decision. They make you feel very welcome!

I lived with crooked teeth for quite a few years before Paul gave me perfect teeth. I was delighted! They make you feel very welcome. They are very adapting as well. If you're stuck for an appointment, they'll go out of their way to accomodate you.

Nazima Hussaini
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What Our Patients Say

I've recommended 3Dental to a lot of my friends and family members.

I found the staff to be extremely friendly, very outgoing, very professional, and it's a very warm environment to be in. Not like your usual dentist experience!

Donna Marie
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What Our Patients Say

I was so happy with them, the minute they went on.

My confidence wasn't knocked at all (during treatment). I was so happy with them, the minute they went on. I was just delighted.

Amy Cinelli
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What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling!

The pricing was great. I can't stop smiling! Everyone in my job notices the difference.

Sharon Logan
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Commonly Asked Questions

How much does Invisalign cost?

We charge €3,500 for Invisalign treatment. We have checked and this is the most competitive rate in Ireland.

We also allow you to spread the cost of the treatment throughout the duration of the Invisalign therapy.

For a more detailed breakdown of the price, please see our post on 'How Much Is Invisalign?'

How painful is Invisalign?

Moving teeth always causes some minor discomfort. Many of our patients report that they find the new aligners (every 2 weeks) a little uncomfortable for a day or so which then settles.

In general Invisalign causes no more pain than traditional braces.

How long does it take to straighten your teeth with Invisalign?

This depends on the problem and the degree of overcrowding of the teeth. A typical case would normally be 1 to 1.5 years.

Shorter times are possible (Invisalign light) and occasionally for very complex problems requiring a number of aligners, more time is required.

Is Invisalign completely invisible?

Invisalign is almost unnoticable. It would only be noticed when up close due to the tooth coloured attachments. 

Are there any age limits?

Invisalign is generally a treatment for adults.

However, we have treated teenagers. Invisalign is removable so anybody who is committed to wearing the aligners is suitable.

What colour are the attachments used for Invisalign?

The attachments will be colour matched to the colour of your teeth. This makes them almost invisible. 

Can I whiten my teeth during Invisalign treatment?

It is not possible to whiten your teeth during Invisalign treatment. This is due to the tooth-coloured attachments in place. 

Is Invisalign as good as regular braces?

Invisalign works very well and has a proven track record. However, for some more complex problems we still recommend traditional braces.

Invisalign is best suited to milder more moderate crowding, spacing or bite problems.

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