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Traditional Orthodontics - The Sturdiest Approach To Teeth Straightening!


  • Get straighter teeth and a more confident smile
  • Suitable for children (from 10 years old) and adults
  • Tried and tested approach to teeth straightening
  • The sturdiest approach to teeth straightening
  • Less time spent in the dentist office
  • Cost effective

Traditional orthodontics is suited for all ages from upwards 10 years old.

Traditional orthodontics will align teeth, fix cross bites or problems with the biting positions and can even fix the position of the jaws.

Traditional orthodontics aims to give you the perfect smile with ideal alignment and biting positions.

Early Orthodontic Development

6 Month Braces v Traditional Orthodontics

When it comes to growth development issues with the jaw, early intervention is the best treatment.

This treatment needs to occur during the developmental years.

If not detected until late teens or early adulthood, the treatment options are limited to surgery.

If detected before a child’s “growth spurt” treatment is as simple as wearing a plate.

These can be removable or cemented in place depending on your child’s needs.

Your orthodontist can explain what type of plate is needed and show you examples of these at your consultation.

6 month braces is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment which can be used to align mild crowding and is generally used on the front 6 teeth.

6 month braces is a fantastic option for those looking for mild to moderate crowding to be aligned.

For those who are not suitable for 6 month smiles or for those under the age of 16, full orthodontic treatment may be the best option.

Full orthodontic treatment will align the teeth, fix cross bites or problems with the biting positions and can even fix the position of the jaws.

The Process & Next Steps

It is recommended that a general dentist monitors a child from an early age for orthodontic treatment.

Some children will have jaw development issues where the jaw does not grow to an ideal position.

Children with this growth development may require early orthodontic intervention from as early as the age of 8.

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