Why Choose 6 Month Braces?

Why Choose 6 Month Braces?

Why Choose 6 Month Braces?

6 month braces are a modern adaptation of the classic tried and tested orthodontic treatment which has been in use for many years.

We use similar braces which can be either tooth coloured or metal finished depending on patient preference.

The tooth coloured option can be compared to Invisalign braces where clear, removable aligners are used to straighten the teeth.

Straightening Your Teeth Using 6 Month Braces

Straightening Your Teeth Using 6 Month Braces

Straightening Your Teeth Using 6 Month Braces

6 month braces allows us to move teeth quickly to get teeth straight in approximately 6 months. Usually, this technique avoids removal of teeth and involves gentle polishing of teeth.

6 month braces is suitable for people aged 16 years and over with mild to moderate crowding or spacing of anterior teeth. 

Extractions are generally unnecessary. Your dentist will discuss this with you during your initial appointment and can talk you through the process in detail.

Benefits of 6 Month Braces

Get straighter teeth and a more confident smile

Modified approach to traditional braces

Fixes issues such as gappy smiles and misaligned teeth

Laugh and smile again with confidence

Improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth

How Does 6 Month Braces Work?

  • Your Initial Consultation
  • Procedure & Maintenance
  • After Care
Your Initial Consultation
Your Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and let you know if you are suitable for 6 month braces.

He or she will take the time to answer any questions you have to ensure you are confident that you are making the right decision.

6 month braces is a fantastic option for those looking for mild to moderate crowding to be aligned.

Procedure & Maintenance
Procedure & Maintenance

Procedure & Maintenance

Multiple visits are required during the 6 month braces treatment and the entire process usually lasts 6 months.

Appointments are usually every month or so. 

Tooth tenderness when receiving new invisible braces can still occur at times, however, this is normal and will usually fade away after the teeth have begun to move.

6 month braces treatment doesn't require much maintenance to work effectively but do need to be cleaned regularly by brushing.

After Care
After Care

After Care

After your treatment has concluded, your dentist will examine the result, taking care to identify any future potential tooth movement.

All orthodontic procedures require retention at the end of the treatment to stop teeth moving out of their new position. Retention is provided as standard and is both removable and fixed.

Fixed retainers carry a small additional fee.

What Our Patients Say

I've recommended 3Dental to a lot of my friends and family members.

I found the staff to be extremely friendly, very outgoing, very professional, and it's a very warm environment to be in. Not like your usual dentist experience!

Donna Marie
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What Our Patients Say

I was so happy with them, the minute they went on.

My confidence wasn't knocked at all (during treatment). I was so happy with them, the minute they went on. I was just delighted.

Amy Cinelli
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What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling!

The pricing was great. I can't stop smiling! Everyone in my job notices the difference.

Sharon Logan
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What Our Patients Say

Transformed smile.

I had 6 month braces. They transformed my smile because I wasn't happy with my smile. I was super happy with the results!

Calvin Hayes
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What Our Patients Say

I was so much more confident!

I was so much more confident after getting my braces done. It makes such a big difference to your face and your teeth in general. You just feel so much happier and you are more conscious of minding your teeth. They are so worth it!

Louise Collins
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Commonly Asked Questions

Can 6 Month Braces Get Stained?

In a word, yes.

This is the major drawback for clear braces. The actual braces themselves don’t stain up but the elastics we use to attach the wire (which actually moves the teeth) to the brackets (which sit on the teeth) can stain easily with certain types of food and drinks.

Mostly these are foods that you would associate with staining e.g.

  • Curry (Indian)
  • Chinese food
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red Bull
  • Tomato soup
  • Pot Noodles
  • Red wine

Some types of spices cause staining also e.g. turmeric.

Also, as smoking causes severe staining of the brackets and elastics (modules), for this reason we recommend that people who smoke (even only occasionally) should avoid clear braces.

It is worth noting that the dentist or orthodontist will usually replace the elastics every visit (usually every 4-6 weeks), for that reason people with clear braces will usually avoid these staining foods and drinks until just before they return to the clinic.

For patients who choose to have clear braces and eat or drink these foods usually or smoke, additional charges will apply as the elastics will need to be changed more regularly.

Can 6 Month Braces Fix an Overbite?

An overbite is when the top teeth bite over and completely hide the lower teeth.

This is not to be confused with an overjet, where the top teeth protrude well beyond the bottom teeth.

Sometimes both happen together.

Clear braces have the same application and action as more traditional metal braces, so yes clear braces can fix an overbite though usually in conjunction with a removable orthodontic functional appliance to open the bite.

In some adults we can avoid the need for a removable appliance initially by placing little build ups on the back of the front upper teeth. Your dentist or orthodontist can explain all this on your free consultation.

What Are 6 Month Braces Made Of?

There are a number of different types of clear braces:

  • At the cheaper end of the scale clear braces can be made of composite (the material that white fillings are made of). At 3 Dental we avoid these brackets as they tend to break a lot and often treatment can take longer than expected
  • More commonly, clear braces are made of ceramic and resin

Ceramic and resin brace look much more pleasing and are pretty much invisible. They are less likely to break and tend to stain less. These are the brackets we use most often in 3 Dental.

  • Another type of clear braces are the self ligating brackets. These brackets don’t require any elastics (modules) to connect the wire to the bracket and so don’t stain up as much as the other types of clear braces. However, they are much more expensive than the other types of clear braces.
  • Clear braces (the aligner type e.g. Invisalign) are made of a type of plastic that move the teeth in a different way to traditional braces. These are the invisible braces you often hear about.

Can You Get 6 Month Braces on the Bottom?

Yes you can. You can use clear braces wherever you would use metal braces.

Where bites are very tight we occasionally will recommend metal braces on the lower (as they are smaller and less likely to break off).

Your dentist or orthodontist at 3 Dental will be happy to discuss this with you.

Can You See 6 Month Braces?

Clear braces are very aesthetic and at a distance you won’t really see them. Obviously when teeth are stained by certain foods they can become more obvious, but at 3 Dental we are happy to replace stained elastics at each visit.

The only thing you will see is the wire which is metal (but very discreet).

For patients who require their braces to be completely invisible we offer the Invisalign system as well as other types of clear aligners.

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