What Are Spark Aligners?
Kenneth Duggan Talks About His Spark Aligner Experience

What Are Spark Aligners?

What Are Spark Aligners?
Kenneth Duggan Talks About His Spark Aligner Experience

Spark is a transparent aligner (or teeth straightening) system that uses a series of custom-made 3D printed plastic aligners.

Spark aligners can correct a range of alignment issues such as:

  • Teeth over crowding or spacing issues
  • Overjet / Underjet: The teeth on your upper / lower jaw rest at an awkward angle
  • Overbite: Your front teeth extend beyond your bottom teeth
  • Open bite: Your top and bottom teeth do not come together or bite in the correct position
  • Aswell as many other alignment issues
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Why Are Spark Aligners So Popular?

Why Are Spark Aligners So Popular?

Why Are Spark Aligners So Popular?

Spark aligners are more transparent, more comfortable and stain less than the other orthodontic options, providing a more discrete look - with excellent results!

Spark aligners are so popular with patients because they are incredibly discrete and comfortable compared to traditional orthodontic treatments. They are also convenient - you do not have to avoid any food or drink during the treatment.

This allows you to achieve the smile you want without anyone ever knowing! They also enable you to see the final result before you begin treatment, so you know what to expect in the end.

Spark Aligners V Invisalign
Dr. Bobby Price Discusses The Spark Aligner Treatment

Spark Aligners V Invisalign

Spark Aligners V Invisalign
Dr. Bobby Price Discusses The Spark Aligner Treatment

Spark aligners have many advantages over Invisalign aligners because they tend to be more comfortable and less obvious.

Invisalign can have a foggy appearance which makes it noticeable when speaking, whereas theTruGEN™ technology in Spark allows it to be much more transparent, making it much more discrete.

Spark aligners are also a more affordable option. 

  • Invisalign cost from €3,500 (From €250/Month)
  • Sparks aligners cost from €2,200 (From €170/Month)

We offer free consultations at our Dublin, Limerick and Galway clinics. This give you the opportunity to discuss which treatment might be best for you!

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Innovative Science Behind Spark

Innovative Science Behind Spark

Innovative Science Behind Spark

Spark aligners use TruGEN™ technology which makes them unique compared to leading competitors. This technology makes Spark clear aligners more comfortable, more clear and less likely to stain.

TruGEN™ can offer more advanced and sustained force retention and better contact with the surface area of your tooth. This type of contact may result in more efficient and effective treatment when compared to the leading aligner brand

Reference: sparkaligners.com

Cost Of Spark Aligners

Cost Of Spark Aligners

Cost Of Spark Aligners

Spark aligners are only €14.50 a week with financing or €150 per month interest-free.

The initial consultation, the 3D scan, images and x-ray are free.

The Spark aligner prices are:

  • Single arch:2,200
  • Both arches: €3,500

We offer payment plans which look as follows:

  • Single arch: €500 deposit plus €170 per month for ten months
  • Both arches: €800 deposit plus €225 per month for twelve months

More information on pricing can be found on our pricing page.

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Benefits Of Spark Aligners

Comfortable (Custom made, polished edges) 

Discrete (Clearer than leading brands, avoid train track appearance)

Fast treatment times

Smile with confidence again!

Easier to maintain oral hygiene (Brushing and flossing)

Bisphenol-A (BPA) & latex free

Stainless when compared with leading competitors (TruGEN™ technology)

Payment plans available

The Spark Aligners Process

  • Your 1st Consultation
  • Your 2nd Appointment
  • Ongoing Appointments
  • Spark v Invisalign
  • Use of Chewies
Your 1st Consultation
Your 1st Consultation

Your 1st Consultation

On the first appointment, your dentist will assess your suitability for treatment (free of charge).

If you are deemed to be suitable, we will have schedule an appointment for your orthodontic records and 3D scan.

During this consultation, our dentist will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and explain pricing and payment options.

Your 2nd Appointment
Your 2nd Appointment

Your 2nd Appointment

This will begin with an x-ray followed by some photographs we will use for planning purposes.

Then your 3D scan will commence.

Spark uses a 3D scanner to create a 3D digital model of your mouth, which we will use to plan your new smile.

We will create a video for you to watch that details how each aligner will change your smile and how your teeth will look on completion.

This 3D model will then be used to 3D print a series of custom-made plastic aligners to ensure a comfortable fit. 

The 3D model also tracks teeth movement and ensures therapy is on track.

Spark clear aligners can treat an extensive range of malocclusions (teeth alignment issues), including crowding, spacing, overbite, open bite, underbite, overjet, crossbites, and more.

Ongoing Appointments
Ongoing Appointments

Ongoing Appointments

The initial fit appointment will take about 20-30 minutes, with each subsequent visit taking between 10-15 minutes.

Patients will return every 4-6 weeks, with noticeable results in as little as 3-4 weeks! 

Spark v Invisalign
Spark v Invisalign

Spark v Invisalign

Spark and Invisalign are both clear aligner systems that we can use to correct orthodontic problems and straighten your teeth.

You can expect a similar result and duration of treatment from both systems.

Spark aligners material (TruGEN™) is more transparent and resistant to staining, making it more discrete for the wearer.

Invisalign is a slightly more expensive system. You can compare prices and payment plan options on our pricing page

Use of Chewies
Use of Chewies

Use of Chewies

Chewies are soft, cylindrical items that help aligners fit. Biting on the chewie for several seconds pushes the aligners into position and improves fit.
We often use chewies in our aligner treatment plans.
Clear aligners must fit securely against your teeth to exert pressure to move your teeth.
Air pockets or gaps between aligners and teeth can make them ineffective.
Chewies can close these gaps and secure the aligners to your teeth. You can help push the aligners into position by biting on the chewie. This can boost therapy efficacy and speed up outcomes.
Chewies are safe, simple, and have little adverse effects. Patients should take some precautions:
Allergic reactions: If you have allergies, consult your orthodontist or dentist before using chewies.
Excessive use: Chewies can help aligners fit, but don't misuse them. Biting too hard or often on chewies might damage your teeth and gums.
Hygiene: Clean and replace chewies to avoid germs. Wash and dry them after usage.
Chewies improve aligners' fit and efficacy safely. Following your orthodontist or dentist's instructions and checking in often to evaluate your progress and make adjustments is essential for any orthodontic treatment.
3Dental gives aligner patients little tubes of chewies that function flawlessly.
If chewies aren't suitable for an aligner patient, alternatives exist to improve fit and effectiveness. A silicone-based dental appliance is one alternative. These devices, like chewies, hold the aligners to the teeth, but they are more comfortable and less prone to cause irritation.
Another method is to gently press the aligners with your teeth, especially in regions where the fit is poor. Bear in mind that biting too hard might break the aligners and create tooth and gum pain.
Each patient's needs and circumstances determine the optimal method. Your orthodontist or dentist can recommend a solution for you.
Chewing on objects while wearing clear aligners can harm or loosen them. For the best clear aligner results, follow your orthodontist or dentist's instructions.

What Our Patients Say

I smile with my mouth open! (Rather than before, I would have smiled with my mouth closed.)

My smile was something that I was self conscious about. When I meet people who I haven't seen in a few weeks, they compliment my smile!

Kenneth Duggan (Spark Aligners)
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Spark aligners testimonial - Kenneth Watch Video

What Our Patients Say

I would recommend Spark to anyone who wants to have their teeth straightened.

People don't know that I'm wearing them. I was surprised how quickly they worked! There was a massive transformation!

Kieran Price (Spark Aligners)
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Spark aligners testimonials - Kieran Price - 3dental Watch Video
Spark aligners testimonial - Kenneth
Spark aligners testimonials - Kieran Price - 3dental

What Our Patients Say

I smile with my mouth open! (Rather than before, I would have smiled with my mouth closed.)

My smile was something that I was self conscious about. When I meet people who I haven't seen in a few weeks, they compliment my smile!

Kenneth Duggan (Spark Aligners)
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Spark aligners testimonial - Kenneth Watch Video
Spark aligners testimonial - Kenneth

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take for Spark aligners to work?

Each case is different, and treatment duration will vary from patient to patient.

Upon viewing your Spark video, your dentist will give you a rough estimate of when your treatment will be completed, with some cases finished in as little as 3-6 months.

Are Spark aligners safe?

Spark aligners are perfectly safe. They are BPA-free and latex free.

They are also custom-made, so they fit securely into your mouth.

How often do you change Spark trays?

You will change your trays once a week.

We encourage patients to pick a designated day every week as their day to swap to the next aligner, which will help create a routine and manage the process.

How much do your teeth move after each Spark tray?

Your teeth will move a minimal amount with each aligner, but each small change will add up and make a big difference.

The desired result comes from consistent use of the aligners at the end of treatment.

How do you keep your Spark aligners clean?

One of the more obvious differences between Spark aligners and the brackets on traditional braces is that you can remove the aligners for cleaning. 

You may clean your aligners as you clean your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and some toothpaste.

For best results, wash them with soap and water and rinse them thoroughly. 

You should never use boiling water to clean your aligners or soak them overnight in a cleaning solution. 

Spark aligners are easy to keep clean as you remove them when eating and drinking and change them weekly.

What can damage Spark aligners when cleaned?

  • Hot water: Spark aligners are made of a thermoplastic material that can warp or distort under high temperatures, so it's important to use lukewarm or cool water when cleaning them.
  • Abrasive materials: Brushing or scrubbing the aligners with abrasive materials like toothpaste, baking soda, or hard-bristled brushes can scratch or damage the surface of the aligners, making them more visible and less effective in straightening your teeth.
  • Soaking in mouthwash or other chemicals: While soaking your aligners in mouthwash or other chemicals may seem like a good way to disinfect them, it can actually weaken or damage the plastic material over time.
  • Exposure to heat or direct sunlight: Spark aligners should be stored in their case when not in use and kept away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to heat or UV rays can damage or warp the plastic material.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure your Spark aligners remain clean, effective, and in good condition throughout your treatment.

Can I take Spark aligners out for a night out?

We advise that you wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day, removing them only when you are eating or drinking.

However, there is no problem taking them out for a special occasion or night out, as long as you wear them as much as possible outside of those times.

The more you wear them, the quicker you will achieve your desired result.

To remove Spark aligners, use your fingers to gently pull them off from the back teeth on one side of your mouth, then repeat on the other side.

Can you drink alcohol with Spark aligners?

Yes, you can. Just remember to put the aligners back in when you are finished or going to bed.

How can I keep my gums healthy with Spark Aligners?

One of the significant advantages of aligners is their effectiveness in maintaining gum health.

As they are removable, it is easy to keep your regular hygiene routine, such as brushing and flossing, which can be more challenging with traditional orthodontics.

Also, Spark's accurate 3D printing technology ensures the aligners are scalloped closely to the gingival margin so they don't interfere with your gums.

What is TruGEN™ material?

TruGEN™ is Spark's patented 3D printing material, which gives Spark an edge over the leading competition.

Aligners made from TruGEN™ are much clearer, more stain resistant and considerably more comfortable. 

Do Spark aligners require attachments?

Yes, all aligners require attachments. The attachments are small buttons that we place on some tooth surfaces but not all.

Your dentist will carefully select the colour used for the buttons to match your tooth colour to remain imperceptible.

How do aligners work?

Aligners work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth ever so slightly, repositioning them with each aligner until the final result of a beautiful straight smile is achieved.

Unlike the traditional approach of regular braces, aligners are invisible, and you can remove them for periods throughout the day. They also tend to be more comfortable. 

What food or drink should I avoid?

There are no restrictions on the foods or drinks you can have while undergoing spark aligner treatment - even coffee!

While it is true that you can eat and drink while wearing Spark aligners, it is important to note that you should remove them before consuming any food or drink except for plain water.

This is because eating or drinking with the aligners in place can cause food particles and liquids to get trapped between the aligners and your teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Brushing your teeth before putting the aligners back in is essential to prevent any food particles from getting trapped under the aligners.

We also recommend cleaning your aligners regularly with a gentle toothbrush and water.

Are Spark aligners invisible to others?

Spark aligners are designed to be as discreet as possible and are often described as "invisible" or "clear" because they are made of a transparent material that is difficult to notice when worn.

However, it's important to note that Spark aligners may still be visible to others in certain lighting conditions or from certain angles, especially if they are dirty or have not been properly cleaned.

Additionally, the attachments or buttons used to help the aligners grip your teeth may be slightly visible, but they are usually small and tooth-coloured to minimise their appearance.

Is Spark aligners available near me?

Yes! We provide Spark aligners in each of our three clinics - Dublin, Limerick and Galway.

Book your free consultation today! We look forward to welcoming you in person soon :)

How should patients discard Spark aligners?

Due to their thermoplastic construction, spark aligners are not recyclable. 

They can choke dogs and children if flushed or left around. After using spark aligners, put them in their case and throw them away.

Used spark aligners are medical waste. To avoid environmental damage please treat them as such and dispose of them appropriately.

Do I need to wear retainers after my Spark aligner treatment finishes?

It is important to wear retainers after completing your Spark aligner treatment.

Retainers help maintain the new position of your teeth.

They also help prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original position, which can happen naturally over time as the mouth and jaw grow and change.

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