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Mouth Guards, Sports Guards, Night Guards & Retainers

3 Dental in Dublin offer a variety of mouth guards to prevent tooth damage from a number of different sources including active contact sports (rugby, skiing, hockey, skateboard, etc) to nighttime bruxism (teeth grinding), as well as retainers following orthodontic treatment. Our dentists will help select the best type of mouthguard for you, helping to prevent any future dental problems.

Sports Guards

Sports guards are used to protect teeth, gums and the inside of the mouth from impacts resulting from active sports, extreme activities and other sources that can cause injury to the head and face. These impacts can cause toothache, tooth loss, cracks and other damage to your teeth which can require dental treatment to fix. Sports guards work by absorbing impact damage and keeping the teeth securely together, reducing the need for dental treatment. Our dentists can ensure you get the correct sports guard and can create a comfortable custom-fitting mouthguard that shapes itself to your gumline ensuring your teeth are protected from impacts.

Night Guards

Night guards are an effective way to prevent bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is usually done unconsciously during sleep and this continual friction can result in treatments being needed to fix cracked, damaged, or painful teeth. Although a number of treatments exist to help reduce the chance of teeth grinding during sleep, a night guard is an affordable and easy way to ensure your teeth remain protected.

A night guard fits around your teeth and acts as a barrier between your upper and lower jaw, preventing them from rubbing against one another. Night guards are usually made from a soft plastic or rubber material which helps reduce the amount of pressure on the teeth, as well as being small enough not to restrict breathing.

Our dentists can make a custom mould for your specific needs, ensuring a comfortable fit.


Retainers are used to help keep teeth in the correct shape and order after a dental treatment or tooth realignment. They are most commonly used before and after braces have been fitted, assisting the treatment by ensuring teeth cannot migrate outside of the planned order.

There are different types of retainer and each one has to be individually created from a mould of your mouth. These retainers are then used for a period of time specified by your dentist to help ensure correct teeth shape and order.

If you have had treatment with a dentist or orthodontist it is best practice to seek out that dental professional if you require new retainers.


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