Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Tooth discolouration is a naturally occurring problem that can be further exacerbated by our lifestyle choices.

It affects a huge number of people and has a variety of different causes, including what we eat and drink, the way we brush our teeth, and even our natural susceptibility to stains.

If ignored, your teeth can become a dark yellow colour which can affect your confidence and self-esteem, as well as your dental hygiene.

Why Choose Us For Your Teeth Whitening?

Why Choose Us For Your Teeth Whitening?

Why Choose Us For Your Teeth Whitening?

Our regulated cosmetic professionals can help you with the teeth-whitening process that can renew your smile.

In addition, our in-depth training and experience means we can offer you a better result than DIY or over-the-counter kits, which can result in a discoloured smile, or even cause harm if used incorrectly.

This is because only registered dental professionals are legally allowed to use the active whitening chemical in effective dosages.

Teeth whitening is an easy process when carried out by a trained professional.

Next Steps for Teeth Whitening

Next Steps for Teeth Whitening

Next Steps for Teeth Whitening

We offer a quick, easy, and painless teeth whitening treatment that can help brighten your teeth and have you smiling again.

To begin with, our dentist will take you through a full consultation regarding the treatment.

Once discussed, an appointment should be made with our hygienist for a cleaning that will remove any excess plaque and tartar from your teeth.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Get Brighter, Whiter Teeth

A More Confident Smile :)

Improve The Cosmetic Appearance Of Your Smile

Easy To Use

Teeth Whitening Does Not Damage Your Teeth

Make A Stronger First Impression With Your Best Smile

View Our Striking Before And After Photos In Our Smile Gallery!

Take Pride In Your Appearance!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

  • Your First Dental Clean
  • Taking the Mould
  • Treatment Times
Your First Dental Clean
Your First Dental Clean

Your First Dental Clean

After your first dental clean, an accurate mould of your teeth will be made for future whitening sessions.

Taking the Mould
Taking the Mould

Taking the Mould

A whitening solution can be added to this mould which helps to remove any stains, and the treatment is repeated until the desired colour is achieved.

There is little to no discomfort when using our teeth whitening treatment, as we make sure to precisely fit the mould before adding the whitening solution.

If the mould is not correct, we will create another one to prevent any unnecessary discomfort.

Treatment Times
Treatment Times

Treatment Times

The treatment time can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your individual needs at which point your dentist will be able to discuss the best way to keep your teeth the desired colour.

What Our Patients Say

It totally changed the way I think about dentistry now.

It was a long road for me to to pluck up the courage to come up to the dentist. I'm glad I did it now.

Mark Clark
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What Our Patients Say

I've recommended 3Dental to a lot of my friends and family members.

I found the staff to be extremely friendly, very outgoing, very professional, and it's a very warm environment to be in. Not like your usual dentist experience!

Donna Marie
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What Our Patients Say

I'd recommend 3Dental. Very professional with all the latest equipment in house.

Always welcoming. They always look after you. I'd recommend 3Dental. Very very professional.

Greg Philips
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What Our Patients Say

I wake up happy. I go to sleep happy!

I can eat again. Before I couldn't eat. In photographs I'm the one right at the front!

Bridget Spalding
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What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling!

The pricing was great. I can't stop smiling! Everyone in my job notices the difference.

Sharon Logan
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What Our Patients Say

I was delighted with that decision. They make you feel very welcome!

I lived with crooked teeth for quite a few years before Paul gave me perfect teeth. I was delighted! They make you feel very welcome. They are very adapting as well. If you're stuck for an appointment, they'll go out of their way to accomodate you.

Nazima Hussaini
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What Our Patients Say

I was so much more confident!

I was so much more confident after getting my braces done. It makes such a big difference to your face and your teeth in general. You just feel so much happier and you are more conscious of minding your teeth. They are so worth it!

Louise Collins
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Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get your teeth professionally whitened?

The custom made home whitening kit costs €150.

Are there any age limits?

Ideal candidates are aged 18 and above. There is no upper age limit. 
Being able to smile with confidence and taking pleasure in earning the foods you enjoy most should be something people of all ages can do. 

Do you off in chair whitening?

Currently we don't offer this service. We currently use take home trays and whitening gel. This gives the best results.

How long does it take?

Teeth whitening is very fast. Simply book in to see our dental hygienst for a clean and a check up with the dentist.

Once there are no underlying issues you can start immediately and whiten for 2 weeks.

Can you whiten crowns and veneers?

We're afraid not. The materials that they are made of doesn't allow whitening. If you have discoloured teeth, discuss this at your appointment. We are happy to help.

What is the best whitener for your teeth?

The home whitening kit, with custom made trays and the whitening gel, works perfectly and is very safe for your teeth.

Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?

No. If it is done with the proper technique and materials, and under supervision of your dentist, teeth whitening is absolutely safe.

Can you get teeth whitened at the dentist?

At 3Dental we offer home whitening, that is safer for the patient and works perfectly.

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