What Are Veneers In A Day?

What Are Veneers In A Day?

What Are Veneers In A Day?

Veneers in a Day is a modern and uninvasive way to give you a beautiful smile quickly and easily.

Your cosmetic dentist carefully layers a resin material on your existing teeth giving them a new more beautiful appearance.

We can improve the shape, size and colour of the teeth with this process.

How Do Veneers In A Day Work?

How Do Veneers In A Day Work?

How Do Veneers In A Day Work?

Veneers in a Day are done without drilling or anesthetic injections making it a very attractive option for patients.

Your existing teeth are not harmed in anyway, in fact the resin will protect worn and fragile teeth.

Benefits of White Tooth Fillings

Get more beautiful teeth and a more confident smile

No Drilling. No Needles.

Fixes issues such as gappy smiles and misaligned, discoloured and broken teeth

Procedure is done in one visit. Clue is in the name!

Laugh and smile again with confidence

No pain or sensitivity afterwards

How Does Veneers In A Day Work?

  • The Process
  • Maintenance
  • After Care
The Process
The Process

The Process

Our cosmetic dentist will assess your suitabilty for Veneers in a Day and also discuss other options you might have to create a beautiful smile.

Photographs and models will be made and the Digital Smile Design process will begin.

Porcelain veneers, orthodontic treatment, Invisalign and dental bonding are a few otions that may be more suited to your particular situation.



Veneers in a Day require maintainance like your own teeth do. If you look after them, they will last a long time.

These Veneers in a day will need a certain amount of maintenance from your dentist. This will be identified during your regular dental check ups.

Veneers in a Day should last 5 years but will last much longer if carefully cared for.

After Care
After Care

After Care

After your treatment has concluded, your dentist will examine the result, taking care to identify any future issue you may have.

Veneers in a day need to be carefully cleaned at home - ideally with an electric tooth brush. Teeth which have these veneers also need to be flossed or brushed inter-dentally.

Regular trips to the dental hygienist are also crucial to have your Veneers in a Day looking their best.

What Our Patients Say

I wake up happy. I go to sleep happy!

I can eat again. Before I couldn't eat. In photographs I'm the one right at the front!

Bridget Spalding
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What Our Patients Say

I'd recommend 3 Dental. Very professional with all the latest equipment in house.

Always welcoming. They always look after you. I'd recommend 3Dental. Very very professional.

Greg Philips
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What Our Patients Say

I would highly recommend.

I never had one problem. I'm just so happy I came here. I tell everybody. All my family. My daughter comes here now. I've everybody coming over. They're fabulous; from the minute you walk in, from reception to the dentists to everybody. I would highly recommend.

Mary Littlewood
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What Our Patients Say

The staff are what make the place.

The staff are what makes the place. It's a really nice, friendly atmosphere. And it's really clean. I'd highly recommend 3Dental to my friends. Come sooner. Don't put if off for so long. It's not worth the wait.

Tom Palmer
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What Our Patients Say

I was delighted with that decision. They make you feel very welcome!

I lived with crooked teeth for quite a few years before Paul gave me perfect teeth. I was delighted! They make you feel very welcome. They are very adapting as well. If you're stuck for an appointment, they'll go out of their way to accomodate you.

Nazima Hussaini
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What Our Patients Say

Transformed smile.

I had 6 month braces. They transformed my smile because I wasn't happy with my smile. I was super happy with the results!

Calvin Hayes
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Commonly Asked Questions

What are Veneers in a Day made out of?

Veneers in a day are made out of a highly esthetic, very strong composite resin which is bonded over your existing teeth.

It can be layered as thinly or thickly as your dentist requires it to be to make a beautiful tooth.

Who is suitable for Veneers in a Day?

Almost everyone with teeth is suitable for this procedure.

I have very worn and discoloured teeth. Am I suitable?

You sound like the perfect patient for this treatment! Veneers in a day will build up the tooth structure you have worn away and cover over the discoloured teeth you have already.

Is it painful?

No drilling. No injections. No numbness No pain. This is a very comfortable procedure.

Do I really get the Veneers in just one day?

Yes! Some preparation is required but your Veneers in a day are finished in just one appointment.

Are Veneers in a Day better than Porcelain Veneers?

Both of these treatments are excellent ways to create beautiful smiles. They work in slightly different ways and have their own pros and cons. Your cosmetic dentist will advise you which solution is best for you.

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