Attention Brides and Grooms To Be...

Attention Brides and Grooms To Be...

Attention Brides and Grooms To Be...

Your big day is fast approaching. So many things to think of:

  • Suits and dresses
  • wedding invitations
  • hotels
  • food
  • drinks

But have you stopped to think about your smile?

3Dental have helped countless brides and grooms prepare their smile for their big day.

Your Wedding Day Smile

Your Wedding Day Smile

Your Wedding Day Smile

As one of the most important days of your life you want to make sure you look your best.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic and orthdontic (teeth straightening) treatments to help you look your best including (but not limited to):

Check out our smile gallery to see for yourself!

Benefits of Your Wedding Day Smile

Offering A Wide Variety Of Cosmetic Dentistry Services For Your Big Day

Avail Of Our Digital Smile Design. Try Before You Buy!

Straighter Teeth And A More Confident Smile!

Veneers, Invisalign, 6 Month Braces And More!

Visit Our Smile Gallery To See For Yourself

Wear Your Best Smile For Your Wedding Photos!

Unleash Your Best Smile On Your Big Day!

Book Your Free Consultation Today :)

Getting Your Wedding Day Smile Just Right

  • Your Initial Consultation
  • Bringing Out The Best In You
Your Initial Consultation
Your Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

At your free initial consultation, the dentist can complete a tailored treatment plan just for you.

This treatment plan will address all your concerns and plan to give you the perfect wedding day smile.

Bringing Out The Best In You
Bringing Out The Best In You

Bringing Out The Best In You

Concerned about the alignment, shape or colour of your teeth? We will give you the best treatment just for you.

We will help you smile with confidence on your big day!

What Our Patients Say

I can't stop smiling!

The pricing was great. I can't stop smiling! Everyone in my job notices the difference.

Sharon Logan
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What Our Patients Say

The staff are what make the place.

The staff are what makes the place. It's a really nice, friendly atmosphere. And it's really clean. I'd highly recommend 3Dental to my friends. Come sooner. Don't put if off for so long. It's not worth the wait.

Tom Palmer
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What Our Patients Say

I was so happy with them, the minute they went on.

My confidence wasn't knocked at all (during treatment). I was so happy with them, the minute they went on. I was just delighted.

Amy Cinelli
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What Our Patients Say

It totally changed the way I think about dentistry now.

It was a long road for me to to pluck up the courage to come up to the dentist. I'm glad I did it now.

Mark Clark
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What Our Patients Say

Transformed smile.

I had 6 month braces. They transformed my smile because I wasn't happy with my smile. I was super happy with the results!

Calvin Hayes
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What Our Patients Say

I've recommended 3Dental to a lot of my friends and family members.

I found the staff to be extremely friendly, very outgoing, very professional, and it's a very warm environment to be in. Not like your usual dentist experience!

Donna Marie
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Commonly Asked Questions

How long before the wedding should I attend the dentist?

Timeframes vary depending on the treatment. We recommend visiting us 12 months prior to your wedding, to allow plenty of time to complete your wedding smile!

How long before the wedding should I whiten my teeth?

You can whiten your teeth a month before the wedding. Whitening teeth with our take home whitening kit takes about 2 weeks.

You will have plenty of the whitening gel to use as a top up a couple of days before the wedding.

What treatments can be done to give me the perfect smile for my wedding?

This varies person to person. Typically, in preparation for a wedding, the bride or groom may have 6 month braces, whitening and some dental bonding or veneers.

Come in for a free consultation and we can tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

Do you also have facial aesthetic treatments?

Yes, we have anti-wrinkle injections and a range of fillers

How much will my wedding day smile cost?

A wedding day smile is not an specific treatment, so there is no fixed price for it.

We offer a range of cosmetic and orthodontic treatments that will improve your smile for your big day!

If you are getting married, we encourage you to book a free consultation to see what options you have available according to your budget and timeframe.

How can I improve my smile for my wedding day?

Normally a good cleaning and polishing goes a long way. Lots of brides and grooms also go for a tooth whitening treatment which takes 2-3 weeks to bring up your teeth to their whitest.

For people with more problems we offer short term braces to correct minor tooth crowding or rotations.

We also offer bonding, which can hugely improve the way your teeth look. We often do this in combination with short term braces (6 month braces) and whitening.

Can Invisalign widen my smile?

Invisalign will straighten your teeth which can make your smile look broader and fuller. Where the bulk of your smile looks narrow or disappears then some small improvements can be seen with Invisalign.

This is limited depending on your bite and how much bone and gum you have at the gum level.

Your dentist or orthodontist will be happy to explain what can be delivered with Invisalign.

Do veneers widen my smile?

Veneers not only make teeth look amazing but they can be used to give you a fuller smile.

Before we start veneers we will either do a wax up of your new smile in our lab or use a digital process to show you how your new teeth will look with veneers.

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