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How 6 Month Braces Work

Everyone wants to have nice-looking teeth. This means teeth that are not only nice and white, but also straight and without gaps.

Braces are a great option for fixing issues with straightness or gaps, but the prospect of having to wear them for two years is pretty daunting for many. Braces can be uncomfortable and difficult to maintain, for instance.

Luckily, there’s now the option of having short-term braces to fix certain issues. These braces are only worn for about six months so that problems can be fixed more quickly and with less discomfort.

Who are they for?

Unfortunately, the 6-month brace option isn’t for everyone. 6-month braces work best for those who have issues with the top or bottom front 6-8 teeth in the mouth. They are very effective at correcting minor crowding issues and rotating as well.

They are not effective for people who have bite issues or more serious and complicated crowding issues.

Why is the treatment time so short?

6-month braces work by targeting only the specific areas of your mouth that are causing the patient concern. By aligning only those teeth, 6-month braces allow for noticeable changes with less pressure and less time.

The process also involves using the most up-to-date and modern technology. 6-month braces are nickel titanium, which can provide more sustained pressure throughout the process.

Do they look like train tracks across teeth?

Short-term braces use clear brackets and elastics, and tooth-coloured wires to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

This makes them look more natural, and since there’s less equipment in your mouth, they are less visible than traditional braces.


Much like traditional braces, short-term braces need to be kept clean to make sure stuck food particles aren’t damaging your teeth. Luckily, with less equipment in the mouth, 6-month braces are easier to clean and maintain when compared with traditional train tracks.

You’ll also be required to attend monthly check-ups to have them cleaned professionally and to have them tightened. These check-ups will also be a time to monitor your progress and for dealing with any issues as needed.


The initial period after having the braces applied can be slightly more uncomfortable and painful, but that subsides.

There are also some cases where they have to be cemented onto the front teeth, in which case they are quite visible.

As well, much like with traditional braces, you may have to wear a retainer for a certain period after removal to maintain the positioning of your teeth.


Any Orthodontic treatment comes with some risk, but with short-term braces risks are minimised. The pressure is constant but gentle and only focuses on certain teeth, so it’s easy on the roots and gums. They are also easier to clean, which minimises infections and cavities.

We all want a smile that’s not only white and bright but straight and great looking too. Short-term braces offer you the chance to have the smile you’ve always wanted without having to wear braces for as long as you’d have to with traditional braces.

Check with your orthodontist to see if you might qualify.

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